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How to setup a home theater system
I'm wondering if you have any idea why you have received very little response on this blog to your original question? 
Using a center speaker as only surround speaker?
IME of setting up hundreds of surround systems where the couch is against the back wall it is very difficult to render the rear channel properly. The compromise that I found best was to pull the couch out from the wall just enough to put the rears... 
Trigger out only on Zone 2
"Do I simply connect the trigger cable from OUT on the NR717 to the IN on the XPR5 and press the Zone 2 button"Yes thats all you have to do to turn on the amp remotely as long as your remote has a zone 2 on/off button. 
New cart for under 1K
I have a 20x2 low. With the correct loading it is far from bright or forward sounding. IMO it has the rare combination of incredible delicacy in the treble range with a slightly laid back presentation. Others have mentioned that it is an excellent... 
Is soundstage just a distortion?
IMO if soundstage is a form of distortion than it is in the recordings not the equipment. In my system, in both digital and analog sources, I can play a recording with very little soundstage as well as recordings with huge enveloping soundstages. 
Turntable Swamp. . .What to buy?
Have you checked out any of the SOTA's? 
Can u make interconnect from speaker cables
Yes, Many factors to consider but lets not forget that some companies do use the same wire for I/C's and speaker wire. Kimber Kable comes to mind. Granted, He uses less strands in the I/C's but it is the same wire. 
Blown Speaker??
It's possible that you got the insulation on the voice coil wires to melt a bit. 
can u cut longer interconnects and reterminate?
If it is a cable that you went to great lengths to match to your system then I'd recommend that you let the company do it. Both for the reason mentioned by Elizabeth as well as the fact that you will get a matching RCA, solder and terminating tech... 
Advice on brand/model of in-wall speaker for HT
Two things to keep in mind. First, you will want to timbre match the Sonus Fabers as much as possible. Two, if your main listening position is against the back wall then an in wall mounted up high in that back wall will only confuse the sound as m... 
Can u make interconnect from speaker cables
It would probably be a lot of work. Some IC makers do not use a shield but they often braid the hot and ground to help cope with no real shield. Another challenge would be adapting the much heavier gauge in a speaker cable to fit in your connector... 
Bass leaves after amp warms up?
to "Drubin". IME designing and building custom speakers I have found that excessive heat (in the voice coil, inductors and resistors) will not affect woofer phase nearly as much as the total Qts of a ported speaker. It can change enough to make th... 
Bass leaves after amp warms up?
IMO the amp should not dictate what speakers you own. It's the other way around. I refuse to believe that there is not an amp out there that will do a great job of driving the PSB's without losing some bass control as it warms up. In reviews that ... 
Turntable with stable speed.
Nakamichi made a TT that corrected for off center holes. 
1st Post - Semi Vintage vs. New
I agree with "Jmcgrogon2, Mik971, Stereo5". Mostly because of the GFP555 preamp. I sold a lot of adcom amps around that era and IMO until the gfp 565 came out Adcom did not have a preamp that was sonically up to their amps.