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Hi-Fi in Bay Area?
Check out AudioVisions at 1603 Pine St. It's near the corner of Pine & Van Ness. I think it's the best shop in San Francisco. If you have a car, check out Music Lovers Audio in Berkeley. It's at 1995 El Dorado Avenue. There are some good shops... 
Question about bi-wired speakers
The speakers in question are the Silverline 17's. 
Muse Model Nine Signature vs. Model Ten
Mitch, thanks for your response. I recently bought the Nine Sig V4 and like it. I was just curious if there was a noticeable difference between the two on redbook. Did you find any ic's which worked particularly well with the Muse? I'm going from ... 
Best budget bookshelf speakers for 3-600 dollars.
Jean-Marie Reynaud Twins or Dynaudio Audience 40/42-50/52's. The Dynaudios will need a bit more power to sound better. My friend owns the Twins and they sound great. Both can be found used in your price range. Good luck. 
Dynaudio 1.3SE v. Silverline SR17
I should clarify my situation. I own the 1.3SE's. I can get the Silverline for $800 less than what I could get by selling the Dynaudios. I think even the older SR17 models used Dynaudio drivers but I'm not sure if they are the equal of the drivers... 
Alternative to Dynaudio 1.3SE
Erik, I had thought of going to a more powerful amp but wasn't sure if that would solve the problem. I may have to give it a try. I know the Dynaudios love power/current. 
Alternative to Dynaudio 1.3SE
Perkadin, I'm using a McIntosh MC162 amp with a Rogue 99Magnum preamp and a Cary 303/100 cd player. I have read that Sim and Plinius are good matches for Dynaudios. 
Alternative to Dynaudio 1.3SE
Goatwuss, yes, I've stuffed the ports but it seems to take some life out of the speakers. I used to own the Dynaudio 72's and while I liked them, they are not in the same league as the 1.3SE's nor should they be given the price difference. Maybe I... 
Audio Aero Prima 24/192 Mk II cd player......
I have heard that you have to send the Prima to the factory to replace the output tubes. Is this correct? If so, it seems to be a bit of a hassle. 
Think I'm going to try tubes...
You might want to try a tubed preamp with a solid state amp with the Dynaudio's. That way you can get a taste of tubes and still be able to drive the Dynaudios. 
Are Dual turntables any good?
Rwwear, how is the CS-5000. I have a chance to get one for $275. Is that a decent deal? It would be replacing a B&O RX turntable. Would this be a major improvement? Thanks. 
McIntosh MC162 vs. MC7270
Unfortunately, I have no way of trying it out on my system before I buy. I appreciate the responses. 
When someone sells a Arcam cd92,what next?
I moved up to a Cary 303/100. I like it much better. 
Tube Pre suggestions for Mac Amp
I'm using a Rogue 99 Magnum with my MC162. I added some NOS tubes and I really like the sound. I've been curious to try it with other preamps but the Rogue has everything I need. 
Whole house volume controls?
Can the Niles be used with spade terminations or do you have to use bare wire? I've looked at pictures on their website and it doesn't look like it will accomodate spades.