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Did anyone use a Bang & Olufsen turntable w/ Mac?
I use a B&O RX2 turntable with a the MMC2 cartridge playing through a McIntosh C220 tube preamp and it sounds just fine. Obviously, there are better turntables out there but this combo suits me just fine. By the way, I was using the MMC3 cartr... 
McIntosh MC402 - Best tube preamp?
I have the McIntosh C220 and really like it. It doesn't have all the features as the 2200 or the 2300 but it's a very fine preamp. You can find them used for around $2200-2300. 
12AX7 tube alternatives for Jolida JD-100
I recently bought a pair of the TJ Full Music 12ax7's for my McIntosh C220 preamp. A significant improvement over the stock tubes. I have about 50 hours on them and they are not coming out of my preamp any time soon. I had tried a pair of Telefunk... 
Mcintosh c2300 preamp tube question
I don't know about the 2300 but I have the C220 and have replaced the stock tubes with some NOS RCA's and some old Telefunkens. In both cases they improved the sound quite a bit. 
ICs with great natural sounding highs?
I second the recommendation for Ridge Street Poiema ic's. 
Voltage Regulator
So, it's not a clicking sound that comes through the speakers? 
Voltage Regulator
Thanks for the responses. I have been thinking of the APC H15 but I have heard that it makes an annoying, clicking sound when it adjusts the voltage. Anyone heard this? 
Power Cord w/ lean bass
I should point out I'm looking to spend no more than $300 or so used. Thanks. 
Surge protection
I understand the suggestion for the Brickwall but does that mean that a surge protector which uses MOV's will not work for my situation? The reason I ask is because I'm looking at the APC-H15 because it also has voltage regulation and does use MOV... 
Maple platform question
Hey folks, thanks for all of the suggestions. I'll check out some of these options. 
Maple platform question
Thorman, thanks. I know I can get them from Mapleshade. I was just wondering if there is a place I can buy them locally. 
McIntosh C220 tube question
Well, let's try this again. Has anyone tried any tube rolling with their MC220? If so, what did you find worked the best? Thanks. 
Old B&O vs. new Rega P1
Thanks for the responses. Johnnyb53, your description of the B&O is fairly accurate. The main problem I have with the B&O is being limited to their cartridges which aren't made anymore. There is a shop called the Soundsmith which makes rep... 
Cary SLP-98 vs Rogue 99.... and tube rolling?
I own the 99Magnum and like it. I haven't compared it to many others but it sounds fairly neutral with excellent bottom end. It doesn't have excessive bloom but has a very clear, liquid sound. For the used prices they are going for these days(arou... 
Hi-Fi in Bay Area?
I just found out there is also a Music Lovers Audio in San Francisco. The address is 2295 Bush St.