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Converting tapes to digital
Very helpful to get the A-to-D conversion OUT of the computer box. Much of the RF noise that you'd otherwise spend time trying to edit out, can simply be avoided in the first place.I suggest one of the USB audio interfaces from M-Audio, or Presonu... 
bands you truly miss
Cytocycle, I'd forgotten all about the Judy's... first saw them in about 1984, when they played at my high-school auditorium!Jdoris, I too was going to mention Uncle Tupelo. Fortunately, I'm also a huge fan of Wilco / Son Volt / Loose Fur, and wil... 
PC audio is it the best next thing????
Those of you w/ USB DACs, what kind do you have?I bought a Pre-Sonus audio interface (AD/DA) over a year ago, and have never gotten it to work. 
Tape Out as Subwoofer Output?
Consider also, that on a good sub, using the high-level inputs has the advantage of imparting some of your amp's voice into the low end, helping it to blend better with what's coming out of your main speakers. 
What song best describes you or your life?
Pulled Trouble's Braids, Tom Waits 
Rush in 5.1 surround
Chadnliz, not sure what you're saying. And no offense, but I'm not sure that you've thought through your own statement either. The directionality (if that's a word) of sound is not a question of it "stopping at your ear", but rather a question of ... 
lucinda williams live
Chris, there's a very strong rumour she's playing at ACL-fest this year.JamesSan Antonio 
Effects of no ground in wall outlet
You could always just put one grounded outlet where you really need it, and wire it to the incoming cold water supply or to a copper grounding rod. If your audio gear is near an exterior wall, this would be especially easy. 
Rush in 5.1 surround
Not sure I understand the point of translating music (at least the sort performed by a band or orchestra) into surround sound. If the sound stage is in front of the listener, where ones hearing is by far the best and most direction-sensitive, then... 
What is better than Bose but costs less?
You seem to be asking two questions...1. Computer speakers:If you're looking for really good sound from a computer, the weak link is typically the internal soundcard (even the "high-end" feature-laden soundblasters). You'd have to spend at least a... 
Larry Bud Melman - RIP
"Toast on a stick -- Bon appetit, suckers." 
Speaks for sensitive, tinnitus-y ears?
I totally second what Marco said. Get the conversion out of the computer. Also, I'd get that mixer out of the path -- a decent external USB DAC (e.g., M-Audio, Presonus) will be all the preamp you need. 
You can accomplish WAY more w/ room acoustics than by throwing away more money on specialized little accessories. Play around w/ speaker placement & aim, as well as surfaces (especially the floor). 
What has been your most satisfying component?
Audio Research LS-3 preamp...solid, transparent, performs well w/ SS or tube gear. 
Long distance from amp to speakers
Put your amp at the same end of the room as your speakers -- there's no reason for it to be w/ all the source & control components.Balanced interconnects would be best for the long run from preamp to amp, but if you only have RCA connectors yo...