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Your input please: Using sub on 2 channel amp
Two subs makes good sense in some cases, but in your situation you'd do far better to spend that money on just one really good musical sub. I'd recommend Vandersteen 2Wq or Rel Strata II/III, both of which use the signal out of your amp, for the m... 
which speaker cables to buy?
12 ga. lamp cord. 
Your Thoughts on a CD Player
Original Rega Planet. 
Klipsch Heresy - Recommendations for stands
You could always just do as Wendy Carlos does...http://www.wendycarlos.com/photos/bsst1.jpghttp://www.wendycarlos.com/photos/bsst3.jpg 
Would a political candidate audiophile be skewered
Most of America would love Geoffkait, but Audioengr would confuse and frustrate them, drawing much ridicule. 
need help -- budget system for a friend....
I'd definitely look at used, but preferably somewhere reputable like Audiogon. My first instinct is to spend half of that budget on the best condition speaker you can find from B&W, NHT, or Quad. Then spend the rest on older Rega (think origin... 
cables are they worth it?
As with anything else, if YOU can't hear the difference it's a waste of money. If everyone around you persists in raving about the Emperor's new clothes, that's no reason for you to pretend that he ain't naked. Listen carefully, rely on YOUR perce... 
AudioBench A5 or Passive speaker with receiver.
If you're taking audio signal straight from computer soundcard, you'd do just as well to stick w/ the Klipsch Promedia 2.1... those, by the way, are about the only consumer-type computer speaker I've found that sound decent w/ music.If you want to... 
Is two Subs better than One?
With most studio-mixed music, in which the bass is often mixed into a single channel, one sub is plenty.But if the lower frequencies are mic-recorded, AND mixed into stereo, two subs CAN (but won't always) make a difference. This seems to be parti... 
best artists in the last 15 years
are any of your friends audiophiles?
I think of myself as an audio enthusiast, but hesitate to claim the term "audiophile", because(1) my interest in good-sounding equipment is driven more by a music listening/collecting hobby, and(2) my gear is more along the lines of Klipsch, Spica... 
Best Band That Never Was
I dunno, maybeee...Ian Curtis - vocalsEdgard VarĂ©se - melodiesKeith Moon - rhythms 
Best budget CDP?
Way better value to spend that budget on a USB DAC. 
Why so expensive??
"There's a sucker born every minute."-P.T. Barnum"A cynic knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing."-Oscar Wilde"It's never a question of value, but rather of what the market will bear."-Me 
Long or short wall
Sugarbrie is right about defaulting to the short wall. I think the biggest mistake the general public makes about speaker placement is that of treating sound projection like HVAC. You're not pumping air into a room, so the popular notion of "dispe...