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Guilty Pleasure via Reader’s Digest
This is a great thread! My mother was not a fan of classical music, but she believed that my younger brother and I should be exposed to it. So she purchased the Music of the World's Greatest Composers and, later, the World's Greatest Light Classic... 
Best live album you've ever heard?
Otis Redding -- Live in Europe 
Has anyone switched from Dynaudio to Harbeth
I haven't switched from one to the other, but I auditioned both brands when I was last in the market for speakers. After listening to Dynas, both some Focus models and the Contour 3.4, for several hours at a dealer's, I thought they sounded very g... 
American Folk/Bluegrass music to die for
For something a little different from what you describe, try John Fahey. His creative slide guitar compositions, which rest in traditional songs but play to modern sensibilities, may not be the type of music you're seeking, but they're contemporar... 
Classics you can't have too many recordings of
Shostkovich's 24 Preludes and FuguesMonk's Blues (well, I think it's a classic) 
Melody Gardot in concert she's in Seattle 6/19
I saw her Portland appearance advertised after I'd already made plans to go to Walla Walla for the weekend. We drank some great wine and ate some terrific food there. Still, I wish I could have been in two places at once. 
Harbeth HL5 vs M30
If you can't audition, trying to buy a speaker on other people's opinions can be dicey. There are a number of reviews and opinions about how the speakers sound to other people. If they don't give you the confidence to take a plunge, I can think of... 
Review: Harbeth Super HL-5 Speaker
Ryder, thanks for the very informative post. I have M30's and have been thinking about finding a replacement for the Classe CAP 101 that I use. Your experience is helpful.I think you should post your findings in the Harbeth User Forum. As I unders... 
Anat Cohen Live -- WOW
I second the praise for Anat. Based on a good review (in Stereomojo, I think), I bought her 2008 CD, "Notes from the Village". I heartily recommend it.Jim 
Oregon Audiophiles...
Horseface,Please include me on the mailing list. Thanks.Jim Crane 
Best bourbon?
Woodford Reserve. It's smoother, has a bit more caramel, and is "deeper" than Maker's Mark. Knob Creek is my second choice. 
Mozart Piano Concertos
Uchida's set is also outstanding. She plays Mozart, both concertos and sonatas, extremely well. You can't go wrong with any of the suggestions here, but if you're taking your time and auditioning before you buy, be sure to listen to hers. Have fun. 
interested in exploring classical
Oops, the previous message should have read:Check out this earlier thread on the same topic.http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?gmusi&1238464022&openusid&zzJimcrane&4&5#JimcraneHappy listening 
interested in exploring classical
http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?gmusi&1238464022&openusid&zzJimcrane&4&5#JimcraneHappy listening! 
Proac D Two & LFD LE III
I can't tell from your post whether you think the Proac D is a "replacement" for Harbeth because you like the sound of the Proac as much as you like the sound of Harbeth or whether you think that it has the same sort of sound as the Harbeth. My ex...