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best streamer for Amazon Music HD
Actually, if you can try an Amazon Music downloader to download lossless songs from Amazon Music HD to the local computer, then you get access to use Amazon Music on any streamer without limits. 
Can I play Tidal on two devices at the same time?
You can try to upgrade your Tidal account to Family Plan, which allows you to play Tidal music at a time on 3 different devices and add 5 members to your Tidal account. Or, you might use a Tidal music converter to convert and download Tidal music ... 
Different volumes streaming Spotify
I try a Spotify downloader to stream Spotify on my iPhone offline without any problem.  
Spotify HiFi
In looking forward. Hope my lossless Spotify song downloader can also work with Spotify HiFi, helping me to download music from Spotify HiFi for offline listening without limitation.  
Audio Converter Software
I personally choose AudFree DRM audio converter to use on my laptop. This tool supports converting all types of audio files. Besides converting FLAC to WAV with lossless quality, it can also convert Apple Music, iTunes songs, Audible aa/aax, and c... 
DRmare Tidal Music Converter
Use Tidal on Garmin? I have had a successful experience with this with the aid of a third-party Tidal music converter from AudFree. Using the tool, I convert Tidal songs to common audio formats like MP3 and then save them to a local folder with ... 
How to stream Amazon Prime Music
Stream Amazon Prime Music to play on USB DAC offline? To do that, you might draw support from an Amazon MP3 downloader tool. It assists you to convert songs from Amazon Prime Music to common formats like MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, M4A, etc with lossle... 
Anyone compare Tidal and Spotify Premium Sound?
Personally, I love Spotify, as it allows me to enjoy music without a subscription. Tidal is a little costly for me. Although Spotify music can't either be used on other devices without the Spotify app, I get a Spotify music downloader that helps m... 
Distorded sound with Tidal
I personally use AudFree Tidal Music Converter to stream Tidal to my local system without any problem. I think you may as well try another tool to stream Tidal to your system.