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Playback Designs
Crna39: Your comment about your modded Oppo is of no help to me, unless you say which model you have, what mods were done, and by whom. 
No response from sellers??
I have had some difficulties with communicating with people since the Audiogon site was revamped. I even wrote to Audiogon specifically about the problem I encountered, using a "feedback/ask questions" kind of link or area (it was a few months ago... 
"BEST USED" CD player or players at about $1000
If I were you, I would be looking for an Exemplar or Modwright modified player. These are typically sold for not much money these days, as the modders move on to work on newer players. And many audiophiles upgrade to the newer ones, and sell their... 
Repair Exemplar 3910 or ???
Musicfile: I don't know which Exemplar you are referring to. I loved the 2900 when I used it, and then bought the 3910 after hearing for myself how much better it was. I know people who upgraded with Exemplar mods on other subsequent Denon, Oppo, ... 
Anyone remember speakers by Kindel Audio?
I owned Phantoms at one time. Wonderful sound. Ultimately I gave them up for speakers that were far more dynamic. 
Repair Exemplar 3910 or ???
John now has a tube-based output that he says is considerably better than the solid-state. 
Repair Exemplar 3910 or ???
Hi Cal,If I do get a modified Exemplar 95, I will be happy to sell you my 3910 at a very reasonable price; after replacement of the laser assembly by John Tucker that is. John 
APL NWO Owners
Just an FYI, in case people don't know. David Elrod now has "Diamond" power cords, a step up from the Statement Gold. I imagine they are amazing. 
What’s hot in monitors from $2K to $3K in 2012?
I don't know about "hot", but I would certainly consider used Merlin TSMs in that price range. 
Repair Exemplar 3910 or ???
I'm in the same boat. I bought an Oppo 95, thinking it might at least equal the Exemplar 3910. It didn't. Much inferior. I ended up keeping the Oppo just to use in another video system, though. It was far to superior to the Oppo 83 I had. If I rep... 
Wireless router "contamination" of sound?
Thanks Realremo. I'm not going to be using the computer for music, however. 
Wireless router "contamination" of sound?
p.s. I'm not talking about using the laptop for music. I'll be sticking with my (physical) CDs for the forseeable future. 
Disappointing Albums of 2012
I'm a big Springsteen fan going way back, and I am disappointed in Wrecking Ball. I love the music (and lyrics) on Magic, BTW (but not the compressed sound). 
The most haunting music you ever heard?
Seems like it depends a lot on what "haunting" means to a person. Just off the top of my head, these are two I find haunting: Springsteen's Stolen Car and Chris Isaak's Wicked Game. 
Modwright Oppo 95 and Computer Audio
Thanks...I guess I just don't know what a "portable hard-drive" is.In any case, the big thing I think I'm learning is that people are not going crazy/happy about all the wonderful hi-rez music that's available - that sounds *much* better than one ...