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Born to Run: Why the Poor Sound Quality?
I guess it depends upon what "listenable" means, Lenny : ) I listen, but usually while I'm doing something like cleaning the house.I agree with other comments, and would add The Rising to the "better sound" pile. Definitely agree that Bruce's soun... 
Elrod Statement Gold Owners Please
Yes...my 2000+ has no issues. 
Born to Run: Why the Poor Sound Quality?
The remastered CD that came with the Born to Run anniversary box-set is actually very good. Yes, the wall-of-sound production was deliberate on BTR. And many may not like it (I didn't used to). When I heard this remastered disc on my admittedly ve... 
Elrod Statement Gold Owners Please
I'm using Statement Golds with a Pure Power 2000+. My entire system if plugges into it. By far, the best power "conditioner" I've ever heard. My amp is a Jeff Rowland 302. 
EXEMPLAR 3910 behind the digital eight ball?
It's a good question. I have an Exemplar 3910 too. I did try a stock Oppo 95. It was very much inferior to the Exemplar 3910. What I have heard is that the tube-modified 95 and 105 are superior, but I have not heard one. 
Out of this speaker rockort, Atlair
Rockports would be my chose as well. 
Purepower 2000+ and 3000+ actual availability???
Hi Steve,I'm using Elrod power cords. An EPS 3 on one, and a Statement Gold on another. The latter is clearly better, but I don't have the money to buy another one. Both sound much, much better than the stock cord.John 
Purepower 2000+ and 3000+ actual availability???
I have a 1500+ and a 2000+. The results are amazing. They take my system back to the days before all the gremlins started polluting and affecting reproduced music playback. That's the best way I can put it. And I would not live without at least on... 
12.12.12 concert
My favorites were Bruce, Chris Martin, and McCartney. All three were great, IMHO. I was a little suprised I enjoyed Martin as much as I did.Understanding that this was an incredibly long concert - and therefore probably not practical - I was very ... 
Rockport Mira not Mira 2 vs. Monitor Audio PL300
I own Rockport Antares and love them. At the price range you are talking about ($11,000 for the MAs), I'm wondering if you have considered the most recent Merlin VSMs. 
Elrod Statement Gold PC compared to old Statement
Hi Tjassoc,I have Pure Power "conditioners," as well as Statement Golds. They are both *amazing* products. As amazing as the Pure Power is (and it really is), the Statement Golds are probably even "better." (apples and oranges a little bit, howeve... 
New Oppo 103 & 105 Q&A Interview
Link please! 
Paying it Forward ...
Born to RunSgt. Pepper or Abbey RoadKind of BlueBach or Beethoven or MozartAfter the Gold Rush 
PONO: Neil Young's New Delivery System?
I think old Neil is trying to get record companies to buy into better sound. Of course he may have monetary desires as well. The way I look at is this: if record companies and others do start using high-resolution for everything, we'll all be in a... 
Warm, lush and smooth interconnect help
I suggest you borrow some from the Cable Company.