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Bryston 7B SST vs. Parasound Halo JC 1 shootout...
Just to clarify what I *think* Bob was saying (so there is no confusion on the forum). I believe he was talking about the Rockport Syzygys (no longer made) vis a vis the Sound Labs. As a former owner of the Syzygys, I have found the Rockport Antar... 
Elrod EPS-3 sign. VS NBS statement MK.3 ?
For what it's worth - from my experience - 50 hours was *no where near* enough time for break-in. I'm sure some people will think I'm nuts, but the signature cords take a good five weeks of constant break-in; preferably on something which draws mo... 
Bryston 7B SST vs. Parasound Halo JC 1 shootout...
Kana813 - It seems to me the proof is always in the listening. For what it's worth, I'm simply a consumer who owns the previous product which was designed completely by CTC (Curl, Thompson, and Crump): the Blowtorch preamp. You don't need to take ... 
Window treatment ---Recommendations on fabric?
I've found, generally, that either relatively thin cotton curtains or double "honeycomb" shades work the best. I have certainly not exhausted all materials, however. 
What is the best amplifier for Rockport speakers?
Ban - I'm neither a dealer nor a designer. I'm the guy Bob Crump refers to who is using a Rowland Model 10 - with my Antares. I tried the following before deciding on the Rowland: Symfonia Opus 10, Levinson 334 and 336, Pass X350 and X150, Sierra ... 
Up grade to Dodson 218 ??
Thanks very much Drubin. Did the tonal balance change at all? When you say "more involving" I'm wondering if it has more low level detail, i.e. is more transparent. Thanks again. I appreciate your thoughts. 
Up grade to Dodson 218 ??
Thanks again Drubin. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think. By the way - and this can wait - I would also be interested to know what the upgrade costs. 
Up grade to Dodson 218 ??
Thanks Drubin. I'm DEFINITELY interested to hear what you think after the upgrade. 
The Best Amplifier Ever ?
Well, maybe so. I'm assuming he's genuine, though; and would really like to know what the 5 are. 
The Best Amplifier Ever ?
And those 5 are? And why/how/in what ways? 
Tubelike solid state: Ayre Vs Aleph
You might want to consider the Rowland Model 10. I preferred it to the Pass X150 and X350. 
Linn Klimax vs. Jeff Rowland Model 12?
You might want to go to the Audio Review site (audioreview.com). Someone did a comparison there. 
Why JVC XRCDs are so expensive?
Part of the reason is meticulous care taken at every step of the process, including replacing anything that can improve things when it is discovered. I understand some people think the price is too high. The sound sure is considerably better than ... 
Jeff Rowland Amps?
There are 18 watt amps out there that cost almost $30,000. The most talked about amp these days (the Tenor) is 70 watts and costs $20,000. Heck, there are 3 watt SET amps that are priced comparably to some of the Rowland models. The simple answer ... 
Can I start some trouble?
In some cases I think this is definitely true. That's why one of my criteria is that EVERYTHING improves, not just one or two or three things. In some cases the improvement is so remarkable and across the board that I have no doubt at all that the...