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xrcd 24 - someone did digital right
But Tireguy: High5harry wasn't talking about standard XRCDs. 
Wash, Cut, Polish & Demagnetize
Mejames - That is exactly what I have found. I've bought multiple copies of a few discs and have found them not to sound the same. Interesting - and a little frustrating. 
Why is there so much Rowland gear for sale?
Macrojack- Just to answer your question: I'm not buying one of the Model 2s because I have a Model 10. Obviously I can't speak for anyone else. For what it's worth - I don't think it's necessary to use a matching Rowland preamp (and I'm not). 
Why is there so much Rowland gear for sale?
I agree that going from a Model 2 to a 302 is unlikely. People may be going from the 2 to a Model 10 or 12 or 112, though. 
Why is there so much Rowland gear for sale?
And, Taters, the SPECIFIC Rowland amps you have heard in your system and how they came up short compared to specific other brands models are...? 
Why is there so much Rowland gear for sale?
tungwww:Have you heard ALL the Rowland amps? If so, in your own system with nothing else changing during the comparison? 
Why is there so much Rowland gear for sale?
I 3rd Danielk141's comment regarding Taters' comments. I also suspect he is correct with regard to many Rowland owners upgrading to the new Rowland amps. 
Shunyata Anaconda VX or Elrod III?
For what it's worth: the Elrod cords are NOT Electraglide cords. From what I've heard, they have been SIGNIFICANTLY improved (see Bob Neill's review in Positive Feedback, for example). Also, be aware that the Signature Elrods are considerably bett... 
Jeff Rowland 10 vs. Pass Lab x350?
Interesting. Muralman says "I am not sure what JR model you are referring to." And then says the X350 "...delivers a purer signal than any JR. I did a direct comparison of both amps (and many others) in my home on Rockport speakers. The clear winn... 
Rowland Model 2 versus Model 10
I've also heard the two amps and own a Model 10. In my opinion Jeff Rowland made a huge improvement in the sound of his amplifiers with the introduction of the 10 and the mono 12s. They are clearly better in every way. Older models were sometimes ... 
Nordost Valhalla - Opinions please
I'm in agreement regarding HMS. I preferred them to the Valhallas. Very similar, but a little more warmth and bass. Good luck. 
Any comments on Jeff Rowland Design Model 9
Suggest you consider the new Parasound JC-1 mono blocks. Lots of threads on this site and audio asylum. Good luck. 
Levinson 336 or what?
I carefully auditioned the 334, 336, Pass 150 and 350, and several other solid-state amps a couple of years ago - with Rockport speakers in my room. I would highly recommend that you consider and audition a Rowland Model 10. Forget previous iterat... 
Elrod EPS-3 sign. VS NBS statement MK.3 ?
Cello - I'm sorry. Somehow my "p.s." worked, but not my original message. You'll need to use some kind of outlet box to plug a light and your refrigerator into. The problem is finding one that will accept the IEC end of your power cord. Versa Labs... 
Elrod EPS-3 sign. VS NBS statement MK.3 ?
P.S. to Cello: I'm not absolutely sure of the answer to your question about using the light/refrigerator thing after 1,000 hours of use in your system. All the advice I've gotten - and the experience I've had - is this, however: it helps to use mo...