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Cocktail of choice when listening to fav music?
Although I only perused parts of list, there were a lot of my favorites. Being here in Vermont not that far from Canada, there is a Molson Brador you can pick up over the border that is quite nice. 
Ever perform a preamp bypass comparision test?
Actually Zaikesman, I own Museatex equipment including MTR101 amps that the gentleman was reviewing. When you have all non-mainstream equipment and someone finally discusses something you own, whether in favorable or unfavorable terms, its a bit o... 
Ever perform a preamp bypass comparision test?
Zaikesman,Wasn't it you who yesterday took the time to belittle someone who posted a review on a Meitner MTR101 amp because it did not fit into the audiogon definition of a product review?I was already thinking about what type of person has the ne... 
The return of "Bubble Man"
Dear Mr. Bubble Man,Sometimes even an outside of the dotted lines thinker such as yourself cannot see the solution that even a lowly devoted follower as myself finds obvious. The road to audio nirvana lies not in the thickness of the nylon. You mu... 
I wanna hear some "audio" jokes...and
How about the polar bear cub who says to his mom, are you sure I'm a polar bear?She says of course you are.A little while later he says, you are sure aren't you?She says of course your a polar bear.Again, a short time later he asks her if she is p... 
Good moving magnet or cheap moving coil
I believe Full Compass sells the above Shure at a fair price. 
Woofer pumping - what gives?
Skn77a, I have the same situation but to a lesser degree. Please explain what you mean by the effective mass of the arm is too high for the compliance of the cartridge. I would like to eliminate this woofer excursion.Thanks, 
Tubes Do It -- Transistors Don't.
Yippers, from deep in the backwoods of the green mountains of Vermont we like the way that 6chac jawbones. 
Anyone hear Thiel CS1.6?
I heard the 1.6's on a trip to Boston a month or so ago. It was driven by a Krell integrated and a Krell CD player. As someone mentioned above, when you first crank a song you look around the room trying to figure out which of the larger speakers ... 
Tubes Do It -- Transistors Don't.
No Asa, my apologies. I was reading your discussion here at work and was taken aback if not a little envious of the stream of consciousness dissertation you laid out.Thanks 
Tubes Do It -- Transistors Don't.
Well here you have it, Audiogon meets the philosophy majors. I'm going home to have a can of my favorite beverage, or maybe a bottle, or maybe a can or maybe I'll pour the contents of the can in the bottle. 
Where's My Bass?
I let a 4 lb.18" smallmouth go a couple of weeks ago, could it have been yours? 
Outdoor antenna setup
Does having an outdoor antenna subject your whole stereo system to the possibility of being fried by lightning? A salesman at rat shack told me lightning hit his tv antenna and not only took out his TV but even the two inch bolts screwed into his ... 
Pure Power
Can a trolling motor and stereo be run off the deep cycle batteries at the same time? Any suggestions for some bass-kicking tunes? Sorry, .....Off track again, I attended my parents 60th wedding anniversary this weekend. Some of us tried to guess ... 
5 most overrated movies ever......
No Killerpiggy, I loved Independence Day.