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Home Theater Volume ?
I had to individually adjust my center channel up a few dB's above the rest of the speakers with my H/K receiver. I had a limit of +10dB's and I used all of them. Backed the sides down to about +7dB and now movies sound great.Combine that with the... 
Advice Please: Decent shielding value cable
Thanks, I'll check them out during my search. 
great little speakers
So willy what you end up buying? One manufacturer overlooked in this thread and often in this forum is Dali. If you really want a "little speaker", the Royal Scepter is beautiful and has that great sound of the Menuet II but a bit more bass. It pr... 
Would this amp/pre amp paring work?
Thanks for the feedback. I've got some research ahead of me. 
Best and Worst Websites in Audio'dom
Regarding forumsBest: Here Audio Asylum Worst: Unless you worship NAD then you'll love it 
Help please...recommendations on affordable power
My components? I plan on piecing together upgrades over the next two years.HK AVR230 - Will add amp then preamp Sony CDPanasonic DVDHatachi VHSPanasonic non hi-def flat screen TV My first upgrade has been Ohm Micro Walsh Speakers. 
Help please...recommendations on affordable power
The thread heading got cut off. It should be a power line conditioner. 
What is the warmest receiver...
I have recently auditioned all on your list plus the NAD742. They were all runners up to the Rotel and NAD with the NAD being the warmest. HK came in third with the other Japanese makers sounding very bright. If you are looking for warmth for unde... 
Noobie Question on speaker cable for my system
Thanks for the suggestions Well I'll have a 5ft for the center and under 10ft runs for the front towers. Later on I'll have 20ft runs for the rears. At what length are cable lengths considered long? 
In search of a 5.1 receiver with THX??
No Frills or Bells and Whistles that might work could be NAD T7#3 series, Arcam AVR200, amoung others and B&K makes a AVR-507 that bcosts a bit more. 
Castle Pembroke opinions
Dekay, I will be interested to hear HiFi's response. I have heard second hand that Castle's US distributor ended their business relationship and that is why Castle's are on closeout. They are so beautiful; you would think someone would pick up the... 
Omnidirectional speakers. The future?
I am so intrigued with this concept that, I am going to try out the hybrid omni directional Ohm Micro Walsh's with the matching center channel for my apartment. Admittedly, I am a little nervous getting them site unseen. They will be my first entr... 
Castle Pembroke opinions
It's strange. Hifi choice gave the speakers rave reviews back in 2000, but turned around and trashed them just this month. Check the 10/12/03 review. 
OHm micro walsh series...
I too am interested in the 3D sound these speakers potentially have. My big question is how do they sound at low volume listening? I live in a condo and am looking for the best value for low level detail. 
What is the best receiver for me?
You also may want to check out the Marantz line of receivers. They have a music first philosophy and are reasonably priced.