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Any experience with Dali speakers?
I have heard the suite series and was very impressed with how the sound quality never really changed between very low and higher level listening. I have heard the royal line and was thoroughly impressed with its non-fatiguing enjoyable sound. I wo... 
Large sweetspot
Not talked about here all that often, but Ohm Acoustics Walsh 300 Mk-2 go for $4000. Real large sweet spot. I'd call the owner John Strohbeen to see how they work with tubes. 
NAD T973 vs B&K 200.7
Well they both have great sound, however NAD receivers in recent years have had documented reliability issues. I would take the B&K. 
Good monitors used under $1000?
I am sure the GMA's sound nice, but I just can't get past the looks of them. 
Sony DVD recomendations..
My 9000es sounds wonderful, however it is picky with Hybrid SACD's. Sometimes it will play one and sometimes it will not play the same hybrid. It will not play CDR's, so most of my bootlegs are out. Great with movie's and again, sounds flat out wo... 
My DVD player really heats up discs? ?
I think I will try elevating the DVD player a little to give more airflow under the unit. Too much of a hassle taking off the case and blowing out the innards with compressed air all the time. I do leave my computer case wide open and just take co... 
My DVD player really heats up discs? ?
Well it does not sound like a ventilation issue but I have it on the next level above my amp and 2 inches above the amp and 2 inchs above the s9000es. It could be better ventilation but it could be a lot worse.I am tempted to see how it operates w... 
Aaaugh Please recommend a DVD player
Well to bring some closure to an old thread, I finally got the pulled the trigger on a DVPs9000es. The difference between this DVD player and my old Panosonic is like night and day. All of a sudden a bass region appeared in my sound system that wa... 
DLP vs Plasma/LCD
Dougdeacon wrote "The estimated bulb life in Sammy DLP's is 8,000 hours, not 1,000 or 5,000. Where did you see those numbers?"I got those numbers from internet research and from different forum feedback. That's why I listed such a wide range. Howe... 
DLP vs Plasma/LCD
I am surprised no one has mentioned that a DLP TV will require replacement lamps costing $250 to $400. The life expectancy of these bulbs is estimated between 1000-5000 hours, so you may be replacing these every or every other year. There is also ... 
Redbook+SACD Player to Replace Denon 5900?
I am not positive but I believe one call will charge 25.00 tax so its really 309.00 plus shipping. Which still isnt bad. 
Aaaugh Please recommend a DVD player
In addition to the above follow up question, I am researching the Philips and am reading about problems with the remote control performance. Anyone have issues with an unresponsive remote? 
Aaaugh Please recommend a DVD player
How about if you take the SACD requirement out of the mix? Just great DVD picture and great CD sound. Does that change anyone's opinion?The Philips sounds like a great deal and I am leaning towards it. But I am a little embarassed to say, how the ... 
SACD - Dying already?
“I have also considered that DVD-A has some advantage to the masses as most can be played on any DVD player”And“DVD-A will survive because it is a very flexible protocol, that can offer something for everyone”The flip side to those positions are t... 
Aaaugh Please recommend a DVD player
Nice this is helping ALOT. I will look into the Denon and will be interested to hear back on your mod update with a DV45. I am seeing the Phillips 963sa and Sony DVPS9000ES mentioned quite a bit around here. The Sony may be above my price range.