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TT/cart that doesn't pick up motor hum
The MMF-5 has a Sonata moving magnet on it. I also have an MMF-7 with a Goldring Elite moving coil. I've been through a number of turntables and cartridges over the past 35 years and have never had hum that wasn't associated with a ground problem.... 
TT/cart that doesn't pick up motor hum
If it's the Grado cartridge, which I also have in my setup, then why wouldn't I have a hum problem? 
TT/cart that doesn't pick up motor hum
You shouldn't be having a hum problem with the MMF-5. You may want to check to see if the tonearm cable is properly grounded to the phono stage and that your wall outlet has the ground terminal actually grounded to something. I have seen cases whe... 
How come DAC and Cable dont mix?
Your D/AC may have too low a kHz rating to decode the signal. 
Zoethecus is out of business ?
I spoke to Christian as recently as last week and things seemed to be fine? Did you dial 718-422-7720? If not, try that. They are a very large diversified company and would not be likely to close up shop. 
Help with Nakamichi CD Player remote
In the past, I've gone to Best Buy or Circuit City and looked at the aftermarket remotes. They usually have an extensive listing of what the remote will work with. You can probably do this on the websites of the remote manufacturers as well. I do ... 
Alfa Core Goertz MI2
You will probably want to upgrade your jumpers. Goertz probably fix you up with some made with the same wire as the cables. The jumper plates that come with speakers normally add glare and harshness to the sound. 
Opinions on digital interconnect
Kimber Illuminations D-60, hands down. You should be able to find a one meter around $200.00 or a half meter at around $125.00. 
Auric Illuminator on CD's
Never had any problem with skipping after using Auric Illuminator, but using it has stopped the skipping on a few discs. I assume that you are getting it polished off good when you apply it. To remove it for good, wash the CD with Dawn dishwashing... 
How much output needed from MC cart.
You need as a minimum around .8mv of output from the cartridge unless you intend to use a step-up transformer. 
how to clean speakers and mesh?
If the mesh detatches from the speaker on a plastic frame, then I have been in your situation with some Atlantic Technology surrounds that were white and had yellowed with age and were just dirty. I sprayed them down with Spray-N-Wash, let them si... 
phono preamp advice
Sounds like you have pretty well matched set up as is. I've heard both your MuFi setup and the E.A.R. 834P with a cartridge in the performance category with the Lyra Dorian and didn't hear anything earthshakingly different as far as quality of sou... 
Any Nordost interconnect experts out there?
I have used Nordost Red Dawns for a long time and the only recommendation that I have ever heard regarding their use is that the are a 'systemic' type of cable, meaning that they should be used throughout your system. I don't think that I would ag... 
Cleaning & polishing premium-grade speakers
S7horton,I've been building and selling custom furniture of all types for a living for over forty years and have yet to have a problem using lemon oil, especially on veneers. Veneers can start to split when they get too dry regardless of the finis... 
Cleaning & polishing premium-grade speakers
I've used pure lemon oil furniture polish for years with no detrimental effects to the speakers and it keeps the wood veneer moisturized and clean.