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Tube Amp for Energy RC-10's
Valve Audio PredatorUnison Unico2 very good hybrid integrated amps. 
Help with used "rock" speakers under 4K
Try NHT 3.3 
Best tube pre-amps under $1,000
TAD 150 Sig 
Genelex 6922, 12ax7, or 12au7
Running a pair of the cryo'd version from Cryoset. These are the 12AU7's. The device is a TAD PreDAC. First set of tubes that were used were EH 12BH7 that were extremely detailed but lacked low end. The Gold Lion 12AU7's are very well balanced, wi... 
top 5 preamps under $1,200
A second vote for the TAD 150 Sig. 
Any TAD-150 Signature Fans Still Out There?
Sold mine after owning for around 6 months. 2 months later I ended up purchasing another. It is an excellent value for the money. One of those few pieces of equipment whose performance easily outpaces its cost. 
If I like St. Germain I'll like......
LlorcaAim - Stars on 33Atjazz - LabfunkBugge WesseltoftDJ Cam - SoulshineCinematic OrchestraJon KennedyKruder & DorfmeisterThe Dining RoomsToscaUlrich SchnaussVA - Earth Volume 1 & 3 (LTJ Bukem Earth series)Herbert - Secondhand SoundsWax P... 
Computer output to DAC, which route?
Milen007 - There is no difference in the actual data between WAV and AIF/AIFF hence there is no difference in sound qualty. They are both uncompressed formats.AFF is big-endian and WAV is little-endian (although there are little-endian aiff's out ... 
Looking for integrated w/ good dynamics kick
Finally got a different pair of speakers hooked up to this beast of an integrated and OMFG.The speakers are Mobile Fidelity OML-2 and the bass is thunderous. Guess those Audio Physic Tempo's were a bit wimpy on the low end. No need for a subwoofer... 
Looking for integrated w/ good dynamics kick
Cft - You were right, the problem was not the amp but the room. Damn rooms! 
Looking for integrated w/ good dynamics kick
Again, another follow-up on this amp with a few more comments.I have now moved to a new space and it has made a HUGE difference in the sound. My previous listening room was around 12x19 w/ hardwood floors and one of the walls consisted of glass do... 
Looking for integrated w/ good dynamics kick
This follow up is a long time coming. The Amperex tubes were removed and replaced with the stock Electro Harmonix which firmed things up a bit. Also, my external sound card was outputting in +4 mode which turns out didn't mix well with the inputs ... 
Top Alternative Rock Albums of 2008
Kooks - Konk^^^ No one mentioned them yet? The first track on the album is a rocker.This is from 2007 but they're one of my favorite bands...Buffalo Tom - Three Easy Pieces 
Looking for integrated w/ good dynamics kick
Cft: How do you like the Predator? I think it's an amazing value and honestly have no desire to move to another unit except for the bass issue. Another member here sold it off for ~$1800 recently so it was a no brainer. That's around $400 more tha... 
Looking for integrated w/ good dynamics kick
Thanks for the comments guys (and perhaps gals). I emailed Schalk (the man behind Valve Audio) and he said a cap replacement could do the trick. The stock caps are 4700uf 100v and he recommended a replacement of 10,000uf 100v. There are 4 power su...