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Have DAC’s improved for Redbook CD playback?
I think the biggest improvement modern DACs have made over older DACs is reduced jitter. Most DAC designs nowadays implement some sort of jitter correction. 
Popular DAC that is known for its warm-ish sound?
MHDT Havana or Paradisea+ 
NAD M51 remote control
You can use any IR learning remote. I'm using a Sony RM-VL600. 
Can anyone recommend a great tube preamp that also has a headphone out?
Decware CSP2/CSP2+/CSP3 
$800 to spend on speakers, $1500 on whole system
Speakers = Paradigm Active 20 (rarely come up for sale) - ~$700DAC = Arcam irDAC - $600Preamp = Schiit Sys passive - $60 (no remote)Bluetooth = Satechi Bluetooth Audio Receiver - $40 
Best budget DAC
A few people mentioned the ZDAC and I disagree with that recommendation. I picked one up for $300 a while back and sold it after a few months. It was replaced by an Arcam irDAC which I purchased off Ebay for $409 (there was a seller in Italy who s... 
best transparent pre amp
George knows what's up. Drop $60 on a Schiit Sys passive preamp and see how you like it. 
Need integrated amp with built-in USB DAC
Purchase a Behringer UCA202 to add optical out via USB to the Mac. Then you can get a unit with a toslink optical connection. You'll have way more options going that route than restricting to ONLY units that have USB. 
Tube upgrade options for Dodge 8 preamplifier?
I own a Doge 8 and installed Genalex Gold Lion 12AT7 tubes. I've been running the GL tubes in preamps for ~4 years and have always enjoyed their sound. They are very well balanced and fairly well extended on the high and low end. Bass is not overl... 
Used Floor Standers for around $1k
NHT 2.9 or 3.3Monitor Audio Goldi 
What's the greatest bargain in DAC's these days?
Thank you for the tip on the Parasound ZDAC. I picked one up from Audio Advisor along with a Schiit Sys passive preamp and this thing sounds fantastic for the money. I was looking for a DAC for a second system and was also considering the Nuforce ... 
Tubes for Jolida Fusion Preamp
Gold Lion 12AX7 are what I've been using for the past 4 years in my preamp. Excellent performance across the entire frequency range, and won't break the bank. 
Moving from PC to Mac
Why convert the files? Use Cog for playing back your flac files on a Mac. 
Any high WAF speaker with ATC sound?
There are a pair of PMC OB1's for sale on the forum. Not exactly high WAF but damn they sound good. And for ~$2350, they are a pretty good deal. 
Tube Audio Design HIbachi-II amps with Maggie 1.6?
Hibachi I/II put out around 220w into 4 ohms. They are nice solid amps as I use a pair to drive a pair of PMC OB1's. Paul is a stand up guy and his gear is top notch. If you're looking at the pair for sale on the forums for $550 shipped they are a...