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Can you hear the difference?
FLAC is lossless[F]ree [L]ossless [A]udio [C]odec 
Turning off tube preamp first sends solid state amp into protection?
smh @ wolf_garcia. Do not listen to his awful advice.ALWAYS power the amp on last!ALWAYS power the amp off first! 
Totem Forest Signature v. Joseph Audio Profile
Why surprisingly good? Joseph Audio is a well respected brand. They don't show up used very often because owners tend to keep the speakers. That says a lot about the brand. 
Why does my DAC sound so much better after upgrading digital SPDIF cable?
Read this. Same principles apply to all digital cables. The digital signal is actually generated from analog electric signals. In the case of optical, it comes down to how precise the optical transceivers are. 
Alta Audio Rhea
Update to my initial review after listening to the speakers for over a week.Since my initial review, the tubes in my VTA SP14 have been swapped from RCA 6SN7 to Sylvania 6SN7WGTA. The Sylvania tubes have transformed the sound again. The RCA tubes ... 
Considering used towers under $1000..
NHT 2.5i or 2.9 if you can find a pair in good condition. You will have all of the bass you ever wanted, though the Rotel is the weak link in your chain if you really want good deep bass. 
Does the Quality of the USB cable matter?
Ozzy,For your current setup, yes, the USB cable does matter. This is because you're directly connecting your source device (Bryston BDP-2) to the processing device (PS Audio Direct Stream DAC). As mentioned in my previous message, there is no erro... 
Does the Quality of the USB cable matter?
Let’s set the record straight here. For your use case, this is the signal flow:External drive --> USB --> LaptopLaptop --> Ethernet --> SqueezeboxWith this specific setup, the USB cable will make zero difference. This is why. Communica... 
Mac vs PC... Is Mac really better? & better audio experience out of your PC???????
Neither platform is inherently better than the other. Mac hardware is tightly controlled by Apple and the Mac platform itself has generally catered to multimedia professionals, whereas PC’s are generally viewed as a more generic platform for compu... 
DAC suggestion Please
Former ZDAC v1 user here. Spring for a used NAD M51 for your price range. Should be able to pick one up for around $750 shipped. You will not be disappointed. 
Alta Audio Rhea
Purchased a pair of these recently and want to provide some feedback for others who are considering these speakers. This is an initial review after 1 day. I will report back at a later date to provide additional info after getting used to these sp... 
REL Subwoofers help
The Rel setup instructions are explicit in how to set the crossover and volume level. Read the instructions in the manual.This is a summary of the instructions.1) Turn the crossover all the way down2) Play test track3) Adjust volume until the sub ... 
NuForce STA 200
It's been over 30 days since I purchased the STA200 and I've ironed out some issues with my system. I had been using an Apple TV 3rd gen via the optical output to the NAD M51 DAC and switched to the USB input connected to an old Windows laptop.The... 
NuForce STA 200
Jetter - I previously ran a Schiit Sys with Paradigm Active 40 v2 and Active 450LR and it is a good deal for $50. The hot in the highs can probably be attributed to the Doge pre and Genalex tubes. Attenuation of the signal is not an issue as the N... 
NuForce STA 200
I recently purchased a Nuforce STA200 based on this thread. Other solid state amps I’ve had:TAD Hibachi monoblocksNAD M22Paradigm Active 40 v2 (active speakers)Simaudio I5 (integrated)Anthem Integrated 2Current setup is as follows:PMC OB1 speakers...