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Time to upgrade DACs
In the price range you’re looking at for speakers, one usually invests in beefier amplification. Keeping the YBA and swapping the speakers is going to severely limit your speaker options. That isn’t to say you can’t find a match that suits your ta... 
Time to upgrade DACs
As others have mentioned, swapping the DAC isn't going to get you 'bigger, fuller sound'. Having said that, I'd consider the RME ADI-2 FS as a DAC because it has a 'loudness' feature that may provide the bass you're looking for at lower volume lev... 
~$6K mini-monitor recommendations?
Alta FRM2. There's a pair for sale on us audio mart. RAAL ribbon tweeters. You will not be disappointed.ATC active would be my other recommendation, but understand those will not be very forgiving. Event Opal are also great actives. At $6k I'd go ... 
More Dynamic Speakers Than Vienna Acoustic
The Vienna Acoustic Mozart Grand never impressed me considering the price range they are in. Perhaps check out Salk, though they rarely come up used. Joseph Audio is another alternatively, though again, they rarely are available on the used market... 
JL Gotham F212 v2 vs ?
Another vote for Rythmik. I had previously only used REL subs and recently purchased a Rythmik F12. No regrets with my purchase at all. From what I've read, the JL Audio subs have reliability issues with the amps. 
Goldmund, not much inside, but ultra expensive.
Currently using a Job 225 amp which is a Goldmund design. It’s the best amp I’ve owned so far, but to be fair I’ve never paid more than $1k used for an amp. It’s as fast as the Simaudio I5 I once owned, but more transparent and much more full soun... 
Moving up from a Node 2i
@gosta Yeah all good with Sonos until they decide to discontinue updates for whatever you purchased from them. On those grounds I would never purchase a Sonos device. 
Moving up from a Node 2i
@larry5729 Sounds as though you simply prefer the sound of the built-in node 2i DAC. Looking at the price of the Project S2 DAC I wouldn't suspect it's a very impressive bit of kit. Step up to something like the NAD M51 DAC I use for digital to an... 
Moving up from a Node 2i
@b_limo The 2i has 3 advantages over the older 2, and they are minimal.1. The 2i supports Apple Airplay.2. The 2i built-in DAC sounds better than the 2. This only matters if you’re using the built-in DAC.3. The 2i wifi supports 802.11ac. 802.11ac ... 
Moving up from a Node 2i
@ozzy62 I have 4+ computers, a mobile phone and a tablet. It's nice to control the Node 2 from whichever device I happen to be using at the moment. Why limit yourself to control with just a single device? =D 
Moving up from a Node 2i
Running a Node 2 here for close to a year. Mine has never been 'flaky'. I'm specifically posting this in response to the previous poster who reported his was 'flaky'. I do not use the built-in DAC and have always used coax digital to an external D... 
Best used DAC under $750.
NAD M51 
Integrated Amp ideas for Dynaudio Special 40's
The Job Int integrated will smoke everything Peachtree makes. The Nuprime IDA-8 isn't even in the same league as the Job Int. 
Nuforce STA200
@daseldin - Currently using VH Audio Pulsar Cu RCA Interconnects. Vampire Wire also makes good reasonably priced interconnects. 
MacBook Pro Playback distortion
What does your mac pass the signal to? An external DAC? If using an external DAC, how is your mac connected to the DAC? USB cables do make a difference in sound quality. Cheap usb cables will sound like garbage.