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Finally bought my subwoofers...Sumiko S-10
Recently picked up a Sumiko S.9 on clearance since they are being discontinued and wanted to add my experience.The S.9 replaced a Rel T7 in my main system. It is slightly larger and more powerful (10" driver vs 8" driver) but it blends more seamle... 
MHDT or Border Patrol
I agree the original Arcam irDAC is a good value at the current used prices. However, after stepping up to a NAD M51 I would not go back if you can afford to spend $700 on a used M51. I previously owned a MHDT Paradisea and after reading through t... 
MHDT or Border Patrol
The Parasound ZDAC for $200 is crap. I had one and it was not very good. Arcam irDAC was a far better value, though slightly more expensive. I would never recommend anyone purchase the ZDAC v1 or v2. 
Amplifier Hum - A Problem Solved
Loved your descriptive story. Gremlins...laf 
Yamaha A-S801 - horrible experience
Sorry to hear about your experience with a lemon. Regarding your spade issue... solved. 
Has anyone added a small subwoofer to 2 channel and been thrilled with the result?
@lance-baker The op stated he wants to 'add' bass to his 2 channel system, not win a SPL competition. DVC setups are unnecessary for what the op is looking for. The op also stated his room is 12'x13' so it's not going to take much to add some addi... 
Compact DAC + Amp
Job INTegrated 
Nuforce STA200
I'm running the STA200 with PMC OB1 (87db 6 ohm) with a NAD M51 as the frontend and have no complaints. The amp will drive the speakers louder than my neighbors would be willing to stand. 
Nuforce STA200
The STA200 doesn’t have specs provided for 4 ohm output because the transformer limits the power output, plain and simple. The same thing goes for the Job 225 which the STA200 is based on. The output into 4 ohms cannot double with either amp becau... 
Apple TV Streaming Sound Quality vs Streamer?
Benchmark DACs are known to be razor sharp. You're better off replacing it with something else, such as a NAD M51, or something from Chord. 
Has anyone added a small subwoofer to 2 channel and been thrilled with the result?
Considering the size of your room, the Rythmik FM8, JL e110 and Rel T9i are all waaaaaaay more powerful than you need. You’re literally going to have the volume on any of those subs at the lowest point possible or they will overpower your main spe... 
Nuforce STA200
Don't bother with the Jolida Tube fx Mk3. I had one and it isn't a good value. I'm running a NAD M51 and am very happy with it for the price I paid ($650 used). Chord Mojo are a great value at current used prices. 
Apple TV Streaming Sound Quality vs Streamer?
audioengr | steveWhy do you say FLAC will never sound as good as WAV? My understanding is FLAC is 100% lossless. If a device were to decompress the FLAC input and place into a memory buffer which then feeds a DAC, shouldn't FLAC sound as good?And ... 
Music streamer with no DAC and no storage?
Bluesound Node 1 (original) only has toslink optical out. Node 2 has toslink optical + coax digital output. Node 2i has 5Ghz wifi, a reportedly better sounding setup for the internal DAC, and supports Apple Airplay 2. If you don't need the faster ... 
What is the latest greatest USB add on device?
I don’t understand all the hate on the USB Disruptor. I’ve read the forum thread and personally I think the people on that thread that trash the Disruptor come off as complete ass***es. For $100 the USB Disruptor cleaned up ...