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Axpona 2019
Reasons to attend an audio show;1) see the latest releases from attending manufacturers2) pick up on the latest trends in the industry3) discover previously unheard demo tracks4) gape at equipment way out of your price rangeReasons not to attend a... 
To twist or keep separate
Elizabeth is correct in that I am not running 2 positive and 2 negative runs but rather just doubling up the normal connection with a second run. Guess I could give a listen both ways (twisted or run in parallel) and see if there's a difference. C... 
Reasonable but not outragious interconnects
Since cables don't really wear out, it makes sense to purchase used. You can find some really high quality cables at a fraction of their original price on various sites including this one. 
Tube Rolling for Pre-amps?
rodman99999,I stand corrected. I was confusing the features contained in the PrimaLuna power amps with that of the preamp. Seems like a well made preamp nonetheless.J.Chip 
Tube Rolling for Pre-amps?
Interesting that many of the concerns being expressed regarding tubes/tube rolling are addressed with the PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium preamp.┬áHow do I know if a tube is failing? The PL preamp has LED indicators that indicate a weak or failing tube ...