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Advice on CD transport
Very interested in the rumor that Schitt is developing a transport. where did you hear that?J.Chip 
Who are your three favorite female singers?
Since you asked for 3.....Eva CassidyEva CassidyEva CassidyJ.Chip 
Wanting to get back into the hobby and want to start with the speakers.
Terry9,A room with a ceiling height of 6.5 feet is hardly a room. Many full size floor standing speakers wouldn't even fit. I have friends that wouldn't even fit. Not sure what purpose a room with that low a ceiling has but certainly the other roo... 
Hi-res streaming on Qobuz
The Node 2i is also currently on sale everywhere at $100 off.J.Chip 
Wanting to get back into the hobby and want to start with the speakers.
On to room dimensions. There are two rooms I would be able to place speakers in. The dimensions (W x H x D) for the first room are 12x8x18(Feet). The second is 10.5x6.5x20. Neither of these rooms are closed off both are adjacent to other rooms/are... 
GoldenEar Triton 1 vs. Triton 1R
Yes, I stand corrected. They did make the Triton 1 which has since been discontinued and replaced by the 1R. The 1R is vastly superior to the original Triton 1 in both performance and cosmetics.J.Chip 
A question of bias for new tube set
Lewm8i only surmised that the original tube was bad because it was running at about half temperature than all the others. On the Six Pacs, you can’t check or set individual tube bias. Bias is set for the block of six tubes. When I put the new set ... 
GoldenEar Triton 1 vs. Triton 1R
GoldenEar doesn't make a model called the Triton 1. Their top model is the Triton Reference followed by the Triton 1R. Both are world class, highly respected speakers. Think of the 1R as a somewhat smaller version of the Triton Reference. Accordin... 
Adding a SS amp as a 2nd amp for my tube rig has been a plus
How do you handle the cable switching between the amps?The best way is to use a Beresford Switch. I use it to switch source amps between my main amps (Cary Audio Six Pac mono blocks) and my SS amp (Classe Fifteen) which I use when I'm not doing an... 
Preamp suggestions, yes again
Helomech:Can't comprehend why one would despise remotes. I find that seldom do two songs share the same ideal volume level. And if your gear has a remote function no one forces you to use it. A motorized control has no detrimental effect on sonics... 
Cable comparison charts?
The Nelson Pass article is over 40 years old. Just sayin'J.Chip 
Best route to go for new dac?
Schitt Bitfrost 2 over Topping D90. Same price, user upgradable, and highly regarded. Sound is all that matters so try it for 15 days free and return if not satisfied. Made in USA.J.Chip 
Hard of Hearing Audiophile.
I suffer from a degree of hearing loss due to age and my prior work environment in the power industry. The question is....what is the best hearing aid for an audiophile with compromised hearing? Surely some must be better than others. Any inside o... 
Dac upgrade
Don't buy a DAC that isn't easily upgradable, especially expensive DACs. As the technology improves, older DACs that cant be upgraded won't have any value on the used equipment market like other components. J.Chip 
Replace Ayre Codex with Topping D90 DAC
You might want to consider Schitt's Bifrost 2 Multibit. Same price as the D90 but fully user upgradable, both in firmware and software. DAC obsolescence is almost guaranteed given the pace of development in DACs. It is generally acknowledged that ...