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Toilet Paper to Vacuum Tubes
its true, open link J.Chip https://www.gearnews.com/mike-matthews-owner-of-electro-harmonix-says-no-more-russian-vacuum-tubes-in-2022/    
Contact Dennis Had?
I last contacted Dennis Had through his Inspire website. His handle is "radioman731"J.Chip 
A full range speaker?
That range is from 26hz to around 12khz including harmonics, but the speakers that can go that low are few and far between. GoldenEar Technology Triton 1r - freq rest 13Hz - 35kHz, sensitivity 92dB, $6,600/pairJ.Chip 
How many of you are digital only systems?
All digital, all tubes, all the time.J.Chip 
Power conditioner types
Capacitors have values, the unit of capacitance being the Henry. Most of our caps are measured in mH, milli-Henry’s, because it is a hard way to store energy. Uh....No. The unit of capacitance is the farad. The unit of inductance is the Henry.J.Chip 
Hearing aids for audiophiles.
I have a pair of Eargo Neo Hi-Fi aids. Totally invisible, FDA approved, rechargeable, multiple programable settings, can vary bass and treble all through you phone apt and cost only $3500. These are their top model and supposedly made with the aud... 
Low power amps and speaker damage?
If you’re listening at levels that result in clipping, you should be worried about damaging your ears not your speakers.J.Chip 
Seeking advice on power conditioners/regenerators
Here's the thing. What are the possible sources of noise you are trying to clean up? If you live in an urban area or near any commercial or industrial facilities, you're likely to need some cleanup. If the circuit to which you power your system is... 
Upscale Audio and Primaluna
Synopsis:1) Kevin deal can be a POS, pushy salesman OR the nicest, technically savvy, honest and helpful guy there is. I guess it depends on his mood.2) Upscale Audio is a reputable, class A+ outfit that sells at honest prices and provides excelle... 
Keeping backup equipment?
My audio system has two sets of amplification. When I want to really sit back with a fine single malt and get involved in the music, I turn on my tube mono blocks using CDs as my source. When I just want to have background music on or tunes for a ... 
So done with audiophile fuses
Don't have a dog in this hunt but need to correct something.How can a fuse ever be better than the wire into the holder and and the wire out? It's a physical impossibility and it's all in the mind y'know.The fuse doesn't have to be better than the... 
Has Anybody Else Heard These?
If you want the magic of holographic soundstages of a realistic size then the ideal speaker is a single driver dipolar line source. No crossover, unified dispersion, magic. Doesn't exist.Yes it does. Check out the drivers from Lil Audio that are u... 
Speaker Spike Philosophy
In other words, the situation is we can either have the speaker alone vibrating and ringing, or we can have the whole room and everything in it vibrating and ringing. The second is much worse. I respectfully have to disagreeThe perfect production ... 
Speaker Spike Philosophy
To make sound, a speaker diaphragm must move. It's the movement that pulses the air creating sound. For every movement of the diaphragm in out out, there is a corresponding force that must be dealt with. In the case of low frequency drivers, most ... 
Why would anyone want class AB amp when class A always sounds better ?
Seems to me that everyone is addressing the question solely with regard to SS amps. Ask the same question about tube amps and I think it would be generally agreed  that a pure class A SET will win out over a class A/AB push pull triode as long as ...