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Stanwal:Well, you've got us hanging - - just how DID the inventor blow up a gas station? Please divulge the details! 
Need recommendation for LVB Symphony 9
I would 3rd the Solti. I also really like the Karajan/Berlin Phil on DG from the 60's. Another recent option is the Vanska/Minnesota Orchestra on BIS - - beautifully recorded and a very fine all around performance. 
Charles Lloyd suggestions
I would really highlight "Canto" - - mesmerizing performance and excellent sonic rendering. 
How to deal with microphonic 300B tubes.
Thank you for your input. The Halo do seem worth trying - - I have used dampeners before, and they always seemed to help. And the Halos are designed to let the tube still convectively cool, which I like.The ringing I have been hearing is a fair bi... 
How to deal with microphonic 300B tubes.
They are tubed with the Kron KR-300B LSX tubes from Czechoslovakia. 
DIY Bass traps & treatments..
Here's another wealth of information:http://www.musicplayer.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=forum;f=26;hardset=0;start_point=0;DaysPrune=0This is Ethan Winer's monitored forum for room acoustics. It's terrific. I've built a bunch of inexpensive bro... 
ARC 100.2 Enough power for Proac 3.8
ARC D400 MKII is an outstanding and often over-looked solid state amp; a very solid value used as Cytocycle indicates. But it is still a solid state amp. I used one with my old Proac Response 2's and it did sound very nice - - but I ended up movin... 
Speaker Cables - 15 Ft. or "No Wife"
I've really liked the Analysis Plus for a 20 ft. run that I have. Inexpensive, too. 
Help Me Interim Speakers Suggestions?
Totem Mani-2's: small stand mounted, but you will get great bass, and a very musical speaker - - especially if paired with high powered tubes. Got to have at least 100 watts with an amp noted for good bass control. 
Monitor recommendations with sensitivity =90
Depends on how much you want to budget for a bedroom system, but I would highly recommend the Reference 3A de Capo's. They have a 92 db sensitivity and sound awfully good. I currently use their Royal Masters, which are the same drivers put in a hi...