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Responses from jayden_nelson

Computer, CD transport or Network Player?
Although we are in a streaming time nowadays, there are some users still want to use CD for its best quality. If you'd like to play Spotify on CD, you can follow the tips to use the Spotify music converter. For more tools, visit: DRmare media soft... 
Do you listen to non-music media?
right, I also listen to audible audiobooks. Currently I use the audible audiobook converter to help me convert audbile to mp3 files for playing anywhere.  
Pure Music option to convert to Apple Lossless
FLAC is lossless format, if you want to convert apple music to lossless format, you can follow this tips to convert Apple Music to FLAC format. Hope this software can help you well.  
How to link Spotify playlists with Roon & Lightning DS via Tidal
Thanks, when talking about Spotify vs Tidal, personally I'd like Spotify better. Because I can download Spotify songs for offline listening.  
Spotify premium on pc; high res selection help
Spotify is in 160kbps bit rate, this is not as high as the premium subscription 320kbps. And it is still lower than lossless 1411. If you’d like to find out how to reset spotify bitrate, you can use the DRmare spotify audio converter.You can chang... 
Spotify vs other streaming services
If you'd like to move Spotify to other streaming service, you need the Spotify Music Converter for Windows/Mac to help you download the Spotify songs offline. After that, you can import the songs to any streaming service you want.  
Sonos and iTunes
As I know, iTune music is in AAC codec and M4A format, you may not enjoy iTunes songs on sonos. I'd suggest you to convert iTunes music to mp3, then you will be able to able to enjoy it on sonos.  
Converting cd's to high resolution audio
In order to convert CD to audio, you need drm audio converter mac, it can rip the cd to common mp3 so that you can enjoy them any where.  
Max audio converter FLAC to AIFF
To convert your audio files, you can also try this drm music converter, it not only support drm music files, but also support to convert common music files. 
Musou Digital to Audio Converter
Thanks, but honestly not all audiobooks are created the same. I have tried many tools , few are satisfactory until I found the audible file to mp3 converter, if you are interested in it, you can take a look at it too.  
dumb question, streaming music to a preamp?
That is right, as nowadays streaming music are only available online. So in an effort to get it on your preamp, you should download them spotify songs to your local computer. spotify audio converter should help you out in this case, you can take a... 
Best player for Spotify
I think the best player is VLC, it works on mac, ios, android, windows, linux. If you'd like to play Spotify music on VLC, you have to use mp3 converter for spotify to help you convert the songs to play freely.  
CD-format to be abandoned by major labels by the e
To get better use of the audiobooks, you can also follow this tips to rip audiobook to mp3. The DRmare Audiobook Converter for Windows can help. Just take a look at it, my friend.  
Everything else being equal, should I expect better Spotify quality through wifi or USB?
To get better quality, you can download the Spotify songs offline. Then you shold get rid of all the sound problem maybe caused by the internet issue. All you just is Spotify Playlist downloader for Mac. For more info, you can visit Here.  
Spotify vs. Apple Music vs. Google Play vs. Tidal: Which is Best
I think Spotify is best. Because it not only offers free tier service, but also you can use a spotify album downloader to download all all the songs for offline listening.