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Vincent Audio SV-500 Arriving Today
Hello Roxy54,Yes I have the same thoughts and have read most of the reviews and praise. For some reason, Vincent really has been stuck in my head and I know I won't be satisfied until I hear it for myself. 
Microphone for Youtube Recording
Thanks for all the suggestions, I am going to look into these options and do some more research.I have a new Integrated Amp arriving tomorrow and might want to do a review on it. 
Question about DAC and MQA
Hi Lalitk,Thanks for your input and suggestions.I am streaming Tidal using the Windows Desktop Software through my computer.Today I also signed up for Qobuz to check out through it's trial period.Through Qobuz I made sure to select some tracks tha... 
Yamaha A-S2000 or A-S1100
Thanks for the input. 
Primare I22 vs I25
Hello Rego,Thanks for the feedback.I actually did demo the I25 this past weekend at a authorized dealer here in Southern California.Of course, the I25 sounded good but is about $3K for the analog version only.I am actually looking for a analog ver...