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Need advice on CJ preamps
Thanks guys! What are your thoughts on the 14LS I or II? 
Dynaudio 52se or Focus 110 ?
And now if the OP would just check back on his 5 year old post, he can enjoy the debate. : ) 
Disappointing Evening
I think every audiophile has had this experience. It's one of the reasons I scoff when bloggers or hifi mag writers talk about rejuvenating the hobby by exposing people to great systems. I had this exact debate with Robert Harley via email. He is ... 
Replacements for Dynaudio Floorstanders
I second the vote for a NAD C165/C275 setup to replace the NAD and it's dirt cheap compared to the alternatives. Sam Tellig reviewed the integrated version and said it punched way way out of it's class and I agree. I used to own this NAD combo wit... 
Kef 205/2
All I can say is Dynaudio is the king of bass. Kef makes awesome speakers, no doubt about it, but when it comes to bass, there is no substitute for Dyns. If you like bass then you should consider swapping the Kefs for some Dyn C2s or C4s. They wil... 
Imaging and Detail.
Shauup, IMO it's not all the detail, it's that some systems have tipped up treble that passes for detail. Also, many high end systems have completely eliminated bass since it's problematic and expensive to reproduce well. 70s rock without adequate... 
Help Father of the bride dance song.
How about Clapton's "Beautiful Tonight" 
iPad as a music server?
Hey Bob, I'm with ya. The iPad would make a brilliant music server if you could make it work. It really needs more RAM though. I'm still using a CD player, but I want to move to a music server, I just haven's seen one I want yet. 
Interconnects for NAD C165bee & C275bee
Hello. I used to own that same NAD pre/power gear. It's brilliant and although I've moved on to gear selling for 3 times the price, the NAD gear is competitive with my system. When I was using the NAD equipment I used Chord Company Crimson for int... 
wadia & iPod, anybody happy with it?
Thanks guys. Couple of questions. First, I've heard the remote is pretty bad. Do you find it usable? Second, I thought it might be nice to send the screen to a small wall mounted TV to be sort of a "now playing" screen. Is that possible? 
B&W 804S vs. Def Tech ST
Well, I'm not a big fan of either. I prefer the B&W CM9 to the 804s and it's substantially cheaper. But, of those two choices, I would definately go with the B&W 804S. No contest. The B&W is more accurate and is much more of a music sp... 
What of your CD's have good sonics?
stehno, I have to respectfully disagree. You're position is the reason why so many audiophiles don't own any music they actually like. Many audiophiles abandon all the music they originally fell in love with in favor of audiophile recordings that ... 
Usher 718be vs Focal 1007Be
Neither. Dynaudio Contour S1.4. You won't be missing any bass with the Dyns. Just the opposite. You'll rediscover bass. Just give them a listen if you can. 
best towers for $3000 ?
B&W CM9 sounds superb. Dynaudio Focus 220 makes most competitors sound wimpy but still serves up bags of detail and texture. Really good.If you want a very neutral accurate sound and bass is less important, then you could look at the Spendor A... 
Help buying fullrange speakers for $1500
Dynaudio DM 2/10 (new). This is a stand mount speaker, but uses a 10" woofer and will put to shame most floorstanders.Dynaudio Focus 140 (used). Again, a stand mount speaker, but sounds bigger than many floorstanders.Monitor Audio RX6 or RX8 (new)...