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Do you ration your favorite music?
Definately do ration my best stuff. 
How important is an audio rack?
If you have a turntable then the rack is very important. For all the solid state gear, it doesn't matter at all. No impact. To suggest the rack is more important that your speakers is beyond ridiculous. Let's say you had $3k to spend on rack and s... 
New way of dealing with Low Ballers?
Bjesien, hilarious. Elizabeth, as usual, not hilarious. 
Where is the attractive audio furniture?
Go to one of those Danish import stores. The Danish furniture has the mid century modern look and it's very attractive IMO. Also very expensive... 
Quad 99 preamp/909 amplifier combo
I used to own the 909. I used it with a a NAD C165bee preamp. I did not have the 99 preamp. However, I can tell you the 909 is superb and an extreme bargain for the typical audiogon price it sells for. Plenty of grunt to power your PMC OB1is too (... 
Looking to match an integrated amp to B&W PM1 or..
Of the choices you have listed, the Caspian is by far the best. That particular Krell is not well regarded. I would avoid it. 
Warm Rich Lush Speakers...Recommendations?
First of all, thanks for the responses so far. As far as my system goes, I really like what I hear. I do not think I have a harshness problem to fix. I just like warm leaning speakers and I was wondering what brands are out there that other people... 
What is the crossover point ?
Assuming you only use disposable income and you never buy on credit, there is no line. Spend away.... 
My Final Amplifier Purchase - What Would You Buy?
Hello. Congrats on retirement. A very important decision then. I would recommend a Bryston 4bsst2. This amp is world class and if you buy from someone that has the receipt, the warranty is good for 20 years. That's worth something in your position... 
What is "low ball"
Apparently Elizabeth has never used audiogon to sell anything. Her stance is ridiculous.If a person says "no lowball" and also allows the "make offer" button, they are clearly willing to accept less than their asking price. It's just not clear wha... 
What is the best DAC under $500?
Beresford Caimen. Available factory direct on audiogon. I also think the new MF V-DAC is a great dac, but you realy need the separate power supply to go with it. 
looking for advice on bookshelf speakers
Dynaudio Contour S1.4. Extremely smooth. Fritz Carbon 7, also smooth. 
I second the Velodyne Optimum 8. That's what I have and it is highly musical and the auto room correction is a must for a music sub. Also, I think a smaller woofer will integrate better with the main speakers. With the OPs budget they would need t... 
Best audio purchase of 2011
PMC OB1i speakers! 
Replace my Usher be718 ?
If you're willing to try a small floorstander then I'd recommend trying the Devore Super 8s. In standmount I'd recommend Dynaudio Contour S1.4, PMC TB2i, Fritz Carbon 7, or Volent VL-2.