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Sony ss mb350h or Sony ss B3000?
Buy the pair with the bigger woofers!  
So, I Got To See A Real Cool Show Last Week; A Review:
Recently purchased the Claypool-Lennon Band's Monolith of Phobos CD. Real cool music here!   
Analog vs Digital on albums from the 60's and 90's
Analog pressings from the 50's/60's/70's will always be more desirable and worth more than new reissuses cut from digital files. I am always on the hunt for original pressings!  
Audio Mirror Tubadour IV vs Lampizator Amber 4
Audio Science Review might have a test of the Audio Mirror DAC. This might be a good way to get a handle on the sound.  
Dumb Question
I already have a Sony CD/SACD changer and a Sony Blue Ray Universal player. Optical disk playback has been a mature technology for at least twenty years. Nothing new under the sun! I doubt that in a blind test an Oppo and a Samsung can be told apa... 
Dumb Question
@ghdprentice +1! Spending many thousands for an SACD player is a waste of money. The streamer/DAC combination is way more cost effective. Myself, I just ordered a Samsung DVD-HD841 from eBay. Plays SACD's and DVD A's plus of course CD's. Used and ... 
Asking for members blessings on Nagaoka MP 300 purchase
Nagaoka's are moving-iron cartridges. So are USA- made Grado's. I'd get a Grado at your budget price.   
I need Hign compliance cartridges
Hana SL (Shibata Low Compliance) for $700 is the best under $1000 mc cartridge.   
The "Very Best Record Cleaning Formulation"
Stylast is a brand product from the LAST factory. Apparently developed by some scientists at the Lawrence Livermore Lab.  
The "Very Best Record Cleaning Formulation"
I have been using Stylast for some years now. One application per LP side. Lacking a microscope I have been unable to judge its efficacy.   
The "Very Best Record Cleaning Formulation"
I know from practical experience that lubricating a drill bit reduces overheating and extends its life.   
The "Very Best Record Cleaning Formulation"
My question to you sir is "Does the application of Stylast to the diamond stylus actually reduce wear - thereby extending stylus life?" Michael Fremer of Analog Planet claims it does - but he does not have a degree in Material Science.  
Question about how analog audio recording works
@atmasphere ​​​​​: The Lincoln Walsh speaker is the closest to being a full-range driver of all the dynamic (moving voice coil in a magnetic gap) speakers. It does have a problem with frequencies above 8khz being down in level compared to the midr... 
Question about how analog audio recording works
Compact discs do not have 1's and 0's embedded in the polycarbonate. CDs have a series of pits on an aluminum layer arrayed in a spiral pattern. A red laser follows the spiral groove from the center outward. The reflected laser light is read by a ... 
Why Do Cables Matter?
I have never seen speaker wires move no matter how loud I cranked the stereo!