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Open Baffle vs Box
You didn't ask me specifically, but to me, OB bass surrounds you rather than punches you. This is not a quality judgement, they can both be great. In my case, where my room is less than ideal, the Spatial OB sound works better than box; though it ... 
Open Baffle vs Box
Yeah, don't get the distortion thing at all. Great speakers, those Spatials... I sent you a rather lengthy PM; any other questions, feel free. I'm on Long Island if you want a listen. 
30 Watts of class A power: What Speakers are you using and suggesting?
I use Spatial Audio M3 Turbo S speakers with a Luxman class A 30 WPC integrated amp (L-590AX MK2). I love the combination.  
Imported audio are you getting the same level of performance vs domestic priced equip?
Millercarbon, go on a politically oriented site for your bs. 
Klipsch K Horns (the new AK6)
Forget the specs, measurements, etc., etc., etc. To this 59 year old, they are, without peer, THE coolest looking speaker ever. If I had the corners, they’d be in my house. It’s unfortunate that the review used what I think is black ash for the ph... 
Speaker Break In...? Or listener “Break In”?
In my opinion, break in is real, with speakers more than electronics. Having said that, I also believe that if you don’t like the sound of a piece of equipment out of the box, no amount of break in is going to change that. The change is small, not... 
PSB Imagine T3
If I understand your question correctly, you are contemplating an upgrade from Stratus Gold i’s to the T3.I would NOT do this on faith, thinking the newer speaker is better. I have a fair amount of experience with the Gold and Gold i; both were/ar... 
Zu audio Soul Supreme vs Prana Fidelity Bhava
I have heard both at RMAF. I know audio is subjective, so this is my opinion only, but the Prana speaker to my ears sounds more like music than the Zu. Zu (again subjective), to me, sounds like cardboard. But they sell a lot of speakers, so I supp... 
Magnavox Astro Sonic
Ira is that you? 
PSB - Stratus Gold(i) vs Totem Acoustic - Sky towers
Please update us as you enjoy music through both speakers. So much in this hobby/obsession is confounding and unexpected. I am a textbook example of 40 years of dashed expectations, so tread carefully, and emphasize the purchase of music you love ... 
Speaker Bass Port Bungs
Pool noodles 
PSB - Stratus Gold(i) vs Totem Acoustic - Sky towers
This really comes down to personal preference and listening style, along with the size of your room.A friend has the Gold i, and I owned the original Gold for 12 years. It’s a great speaker, and if nothing else, the i looks a little nicer with the... 
Speaker With Least Room Interaction
I always had room boom/bass issues, and recently tried the Spatial Audio M3 Turbo S. No more room issues regarding bass. The looks may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they sound great and are not outrageously priced. 
Ballpark price ?- Polk SRT
$10,000.00 at least. ebm always underestimates. 
RCA LC-1 Special?
Oh you have got to be kidding? I have been looking FOREVER for these exact speakers. How much do you want? I can do Home Depot, Lowe’s, gift cards, etc. How does 5,000 dollars sound?