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Perfect match for ATC speakers
I have had ATC speakers for 18 years. The Entry Level speaker line (can ATC market their products any worse?) are different animals than the ruthlessly revealing SCM 20’s with their 80 db efficiency, and are a bit less stark on the top.First thing... 
Magico A3 price increases 50%+
I think the point that high end audio prices for some brands have been dramatically increasing vastly faster than inflation is a good one. It alienates people in the hobby.  
Vintage tubes - facts, science, technology & empirical evidence VS. marketing, myth & hype
I scratch my head at some of the things written by tube “experts.” I have been using tubed audio equipment since 1976. I used to change the tubes out in my preamp and amp every year because the sound started degrading immediately, losing slam and ... 
To Stream or Not to Stream
I have n Aurender paired with a Schiit Yggdrasil GS, and stream Quboz and Tidal. Highly recommend this combo! 
What is the reason for this? (Digital vs Vinyl Question)
Gotta agree with Cakyol. I made the same discovery when I upped my game on streaming. And, high res streaming is better than the equivalent red book cd.  
CD Quality Versus Streaming Quality
I have read a lot of comments that I find mystifying. I have a system with decent resolution- Cary SLP05 and SST Son of Ampzilla II feeding ATC SCM35 speakers. My experience is that high res streaming from either Quboz or Tidal almost always sound... 
Tweaky and complex, I meant to say 
This was an interesting thread to me, myself having sold good stereo equipment and having nearly 5 decades experience as an audiophile. First lesson from the thread is how important synergy is. Second lesson is just how tweaks and complex playing ... 
As you have moved on, are there any items you remember fondly...or most fondly?
Biamped dahlquist dq10’ with double dahlquist subwoofers, with the active dahlquist crossover, driven by 2 GAS Ampzillas.That was a system for the early 20’s grad school me. Oh Yeah, Marantz Model 7 preamp too, modified. 
Buying used vs new?
Just replaced the core of my system after 4 1/2 decades. New used Cary SLP05 with ultimate upgrade and a SST Son of Ampzilla II, both bought at half price and in near-new condition. Good  stuff doesn’t break much, and is fixable if it  does. Best ... 
klipshorn speakers
I sold Klipschorn for a couple of years. That treble from the horn was sword sharp,the imaging gawdawful from the extreme lack of time coherence between drivers. Just not for me, though I imagine the distortion characteristics of lower-order harmo... 
Vintage vs New
And far greater sense of dynamics. New stuff really is better. 
Vintage vs New
Can only relate my experience. In the day, I had biamped Dahlquist DQ10’s with double subwoofers, driven by an Audio Research SP6B and either two GAS Ampzilla or else a C-J MV75A-1 driving the DQ10’s. Pretty good. But my modern electronics- Cary S... 
Need help valuing high-end power cables.
Is this shop in Boone? 
Is There Any Reason To Buy A Reel-To-Reel Machine Nowadays??
I sold Revox in the 70’s, played around with both the A77 and A700. Great sound, but…tape wears, loses oxide, it’s mechanical, wildly impractical. It does sound better than lp’s, at least the direct recordings I made were. But what a pain in the a...