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How long do you or should you keep your gear.
I bought my turntable (Aniston RD-11S) used in 1976. I built my Ampzilla in 1975. Old stuff can be good. I used my Ampzilla until this past summer, when I got a used SST Son of Ampzilla! Is better…  
Is Pretty Good Good Enough? Listening Habits In The World Of Streaming Services.
Sorry, but my streaming rig has more inner detail and sense so space than my vinyl rig. About same relative investment. Both are enjoyable.  
750$ Intel NUC vs $6000 Aurender N200: I don't hear the difference
Sorry, but your test is not under identical conditions. Two nights ago I did an extensive test between Quboz and Tidal MQA on a decent live recording in 44khz/16 bit (Phish at the Berkeley Greek Theater in 2010), interleaving the songs on my Aure... 
Products you added to your system in 2021 that made most impact to your music enjoyment
Replaced my Audio Research SP6B, in continuous use for 40 years, with a used Cary SLP05 with ultimate upgrade. Had no idea the improvement would be this great!  
Weiss 501 DAC
If you want to buy American that competes with pretty much anything I have heard, get a Schiit Yggdrasil. It’s the most amazing hitter above its price range I have ever heard.   
Something Millercarbon has preached Be A Better Listener. Do not get mired in data.
I have never once not enjoyed MC posts on audio. Keep it up!  
What are you using as a streamer? Constructive feedback please.
Aurender N100H, no complaints. Big increase in sound quality from my formerly dedicated Apple laptop with SS memory, running Amarra (though I highly recommend Amarra software!).  
How do you know when a stereo sounds good?
I will tell you that listening to the Phish concert recorded in the Berkeley Greek Theater in 2010 sounded pretty damn good on my stereo last night. Interleaving the songs between Quboz and Tidal MQA was really instructive in showing how much bett... 
Streaming 102
I own the Yggdrasil and give it two thumbs wayyyy up.  what hasn’t been discussed to you so far is the ease of streaming with associated software. I own a Bluesound Node in a bedroom system, and the Beaty of it is bulletproof software that doesn’... 
Best light weight full range speaker recommendation.
You might try the ATC SCM40, I think they weigh about 60 pounds each (I have the SCM35's). They punch well above their weight in price. A3 Magicos are what I would do above these- they weigh 110 pounds.  
Replacement for current speakers suggestions
I think MC made the suggestion in good faith. When he is writing about audio, I listen to him closely. I second Magnepan 1.7's for what you describe. That tube amp you have will likely have enough oomph to drive them to pleasurable levels. I am 64... 
Horn speakers are really bright?
I would agree that the classic Klipsch speakers sound very different with different amplifiers. The phasing issues between drivers may contribute, as does refraction in the horn enclosures themselves in the sound I hear, and can be exacerbated by ... 
Horn speakers are really bright?
Most horns to my ears sound like swords ripping the music. There is a searing, tearing edge, made worse if, for example, you try to run Khorns with a Crown DC300a as I was forced to do in a shop I sold at.I heard this tearing sound, along with the... 
Capital Audiofest, save thyself!
+1 for the Command Performance room. This was a devilishly hard room to control with angled nooks and crannies at the rear. The sound treatment deployed was a master class in tackling the issues, resulting in the encompassing soundstage as describ... 
A Newcomer to Digital Looking to Upgrade My Dac, Tubes? Ideas?
+1 for Yggdrasil, far better than vinyl for equivalent price in my experience