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What stereo equipment do respected musicians listen to?
My ATC's sound GREAT in my house! I did pick the SCM35's over the 20's when I bought them, thinking they presented a richer, more lifelike presentation with equally good imaging.  
Wanting to upgrade my streaming sound quality.
I WAS a vinyl guy. understand you want a one box solution, but I would suggest keeping them separate, just as you may want to upgrade a phono cartridge  Aurender N100H + Schiit Yggdrasil works extremely well for me, at a $5K cost including cable... 
I need help regarding tube phono preamplifiers
The Hegel V10 is not tubed, but it’s warm sounding and detailed. Used with a tube line preamp (Cary SLP05) the combination has that tube “magic” yet is detailed with a focused soundstage.  
Experiment, Experiment; What have been your most successful finds?
A really good wood shelve rack with vibration control points and thick 2 inch shelves. What a difference…still points under sources, much more effect than anticipated   
For all you Bose 901 Haters!
I had double Advents that I drove with a modded Marantz7C and a kit-built Ampzilla. Stack that up against 901’s driven by anything!  
Need speaker recommendations.
Including in the million dollar ranges (to finish my post)    
Need speaker recommendations.
+1 on the ATC SCM40 I have owned the ATC SCM35 floorstanders for 18 years. The great thing about sealed cabinets is that they are very easy to set up n any room. The lack of the port interacting with the room really simplifies setup. I have mine ... 
McIntosh -- good for show, not for sound, says dealer
Mac looks beautiful, but the house sound, especially for their SS gear, is not accurate to my ears. I have never understood the devotion frankly. I remember the first time I heard the 2105 amplifier in the mid 70’s while shopping for an amp. I tho... 
What a pile of Schiit
I have a Yggdrasil, a Loki, a Saga, and bought Hel, Modi multibit, and Vali for my sons. They are all fabulous, not just for the money. The Saga blows me away with how great it sounds (my daily driver is a Cary SLP05 ultimate upgrade). I have alwa... 
Playing CDs sounds better than Qobuz — dammit
Depends totally on the equipment. When I streamed from my Mac, I thought CD sounded better, at least on red book. When I replaced the computer, streaming sounded better, using the same DAC.  
Sony SACD Player SCD-XA5400ES; YAY or NAY?
I’ve got one and I can attest that this is a hefty, well-built piece of gear. The DAC in it is circa 2000’s; I replaced a California Audio Labs Delta/Alpha set with it and it was definitely an improvement in detail but not in musicality. But when ... 
Need help choosing a new DAC
I’m a diehard Yggdrasil fan, and listen to a lot of live Dead recordings on Quboz. This is also not a flavor of the month DAC, and is made in America to boot. Schiit stands behind their products, too.  
Can recommend some non-fatigue SMALL bookshelf for near-field listening?
+1 for the ATC SCM7- I have theV.2. I have never felt the need for subwoofers for these in my bedroom system. Very non- fatiguing sound. I drive them with a Schiit Saga and Adcom GFA 535, so very much a budget system. Great, great speakers.  
''Óriginal parts'', ''identity '' and ''retip'' conundrum
Even though I just bought a new Hegel V10 so that I could play my records, this conversation makes my head spin. It’s hard to be a vinyl aficionado!   
amplifier longevity
I have a 46 year old GAS Ampzilla and a 41 year old Conrad Johnson MV75A-1 amplifier, and both work and sound great after heavy usage over the years. Both amps have been recapped only once, and the Ampzilla has had all of its driver and power tran...