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Thoughts on the Linn LP12 turntable
I have an Ariston Rd11. There are many accounts of how this design was “stolen” by Igor Tiefenbraum, I am not sure if the whole story will ever come out. High quality bearing, 9 pound aluminum platter, clock radio motor with little torque, hence s... 
I started myAbsolute Sound subscription with issue 4, and it was a revelatory experience reading it. So different than Julian Hirsch, who fundamentally did not understand audio design (“ belief in slew-induced or transient inter modulation distort... 
Dynaudio - Made in China vs Denmark
I am sure that there are lots of audiophiles who care about bicycles, especially about the “feel” of the frames. I bet there’s a correlation between tube lovers and those who prefer steel and titanium frames. I ride a lugged steel Eddy Merckx, a t... 
Buffer amp no gain
+1 on the Schiit Saga with tube buffer, especially for inexpensive systems. It sounds better than it has any right to at the price!    My Cary SLP-05 is more organic sounding, but for the price difference, it should!  
Thiel 2.3
Glad you found a winning combo. I sold the first Thiel speakers in the late 70’s. They sounded bright with everything in the store. The later models always sounded bright to my ears, probably always driven by SS gear.  
Ridiculous sale
Hey, I am going to say that TMR is a class outfit, and my experience with them has been great.   BTW, try to buy a car lately? Used cars like a 2020 Civic are $10K more than they would have been prepandemic.  
Why are people paying these stupid tube prices?
My Schiit Saga with the 6SN7 tube buffer will embarrass a lot of high price preamps. Yes. Bettered my ARC SP6B, no slouch. This stuff is really good. No waste of tubes.  
Focal Sopra, Kanta, Aria
I am going to suggest ATC SCM40’s. Neutral, not bright, but quite revealing. Bonus is that all of the ATC “entry level” speakers are easy to set up, with no port that increases room interactions.  
Looking for a new (preowned OK) line stage under $5K: suggestions?
++2 Cary SLP05 ultimate upgrade. I bought mine used for $4350. It’s da bomb!  
Do you build anything for your high fidelity system? If so, what do you make?
I built a GAS Ampzilla as an 18 year old. Taught me more about analogue electronics than any college course. After two rebuilds, still have it and it sounds great. And the cool meters still work!  
Anyone heard the new Schiit Tyr?
Thanks for the tip!  
Cary Audio SLP-05 First Impression
I bought a Cary SLP-05 with ultimate upgrade used last summer. I have the older version with the indents for the feet, and used the units stacked. It really is an awesome preamp, with the rounded tone so notable with the 6NS7 tubes. I am running ... 
Does Anyone Buy Schiit for the Sake of Schiit?
Well, I am an audiophile with lots of experience (I am 65, bought my first pair of Advents in 1972 and started listening to state of the art equipment shortly thereafter, building a GAS Ampzilla in 1975, pairing it at the time with a Marantz Model... 
I miss my Loudness Button and Tone Controls....
+1 for the Schiit Loki. I have the original, and using it slightly foreshortened the sense of depth, but otherwise it had little detriment effect to the sound. Like others have suggested, I did switch my preamplifier- from an old Audio Research S... 
Amir and Blind Testing
I don’t understand Amir’s argument. I have huge experience listening, and I have a good idea about the perceptive ability to hear things, as I was an audio salesman for awhile.  I hear differences in my system immediately after putting a new piec...