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VAC Renaissance Signature Mk V versus Allnic L-7000?
I don't know where either of you ended up but I have an Allnic L – 7000 preamp i've had it for about three weeks now and I've had some really good preamps from Conrad Johnson to pass labs and carry audio but this is by far the most amazing preamp... 
Why do hipsters prefer analog?
Ive heard this one before.   1. To get to the other side? 2.  Because it's ironic?  
Manufacturers past their heyday
It's a lack of depth and understanding. Most of the companies listed as relevant, are sold and re-sold, and maybe still good, but as said before here it's marketing. Question- "why has marketing influenced/formed  your opinions". Some equipment ca... 
Tube vs. Solid State Amplifiers
I've had both solid-state and tube amps from quite a few manufacturers. In my experience a good tube amp has been my preference however I've heard some pretty ridiculous statements made about tubes. Output transformers and quality of parts play a ... 
Old Amps that can still Kick Butt
Conrad Johnson Premier 11a stereo amp, Premier 12 monoblocks, Premier 350 solid state, Pass Aleph 1-5 amps, Threshold.  
I had a few drinks and bought some speakers, I've now sobered up
I hope you are still reading these responses. So,.. the $3,000 speakers sound almost as good as the $10,000 speakers (replace speakers with amps or turn table...etc,) so then I always feel as if I want my money back in my pocket and I'll be happy ... 
Conrad Johnson ART 300 mono's?  
Need preamp recommendation
patrickdowns4 and others of LTA/ Linear Tube Audio praise are absolutely correct. I bought a LTA MicroZotl pre; gave it a shot, played with the tube configuration and decided it beats or as good as my $13,000 Conrad Johnson GAT pre. MicroZotl come... 
Best tube preamplifier for under $15k
PLEASE LISTEN: I can guarantee you that the MicroZOTL pre beats out my Pass XP30, 20, 22, and, my Conrad Johnson GAT And all other pres I’d thought we’re under $5000 giant killers. In my MicroZOTL I’m running great tubes. The 6SN7’s which to me ha... 
Luxman CL38U-SE in the house
You still have it; that is good to hear. I’ve been a CJ fan for a while but have had better Pre’s as well. I have the MQ88 amp and love it from simple classic look but the sound is excellent. I have taken note of the build quality of the amp and i... 
Luxman CL38U-SE in the house
Just wondering if you still own this pre? If you sold it; why?  What were long term impressions? 
Triode Lab 2A3S - Any Insights?
i too have an FFX 2a3 2019 build with Hashimoto transformers. The FFX build spec is super high and sounds great using Hashimoto Transformers is astounding results.  In any amp the transformers make the amp.   
Cary Audio CAD-280SA V12R
I had the R and you want the R version in my opinion.  Also, decooney is correct. Good luck! 
Pure Class A SS vs Tube Amp
I’ve been here.  Look into 2A3 SET amps. They will be excellent and as pure as you’ll ever want. Or Nelson Pass’s First Watt series of amps. All you need is 7 watts and you can still drive yourself out of the room.  
Help in putting together my system with used equipment on Audiogon and eBay.
I can not imagine listening to Klipsch with out having a tube amp. I’ve had Pass preamps and tube amps or Nelson Pass’ First Watt SIT 3 (tube sounds without the tubes) for low watts, Conrad Johnson for tubes or Triode Labs or Cary Audio as well fo...