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I want to be moved and have the music touch my soul!
i have the new Rega Brio integrated and RS1 speakers. using a NAD D1050. works for me. not the most resolving but very musical.  use to spend thousands on gear, but now just enjoy the music and not the system. 
Audible Illusions Modulus PreAmp>Best Amplifier Match Ever!
i had one.  paired it with a ARC VT-50. sweet. 
High resolution digital is dead. The best DAC's killed it.
my NAD D1050 still sounds awesome  
Hey RICH Audiophiles
20K speakers! what a joke.  that's like 10 seasons worth of tickets to the Symphony at Disney Hall.  now that's high end.   
Are DAC's overpriced?
i am still using a NAD D1050 which is now 5 years old. you can get these for about $450 and they sound terrific. the NAD will not playback MQA or DSD, but it will playback 24/192 and 16/44.1 on good Classical recordings can be spell binding. most ... 
A DAC that crushes price vs. performance ratio
i have a NAD D1050 that is just about as good as anything i have heard.  you can pick them up for about $400 now.  would love to hear something better under 2k. 
beginner seperate system
i have an all Rega system.  the new Brio is a delight partnered with their RS1 speakers.  all in with a DAC and their cables about $2,200.00 i think it sounds better than the 10K system i had 15 years ago.  definite synergy.  DAC's have not improv... 
Are you as OCD as this audiophile?
use to be.  wiser and richer now.  just enjoying the music. 
do i need a new DAC
i did not like the first Sabre chip i heard as it was implemented in the Oppo 105, the Oppo 205 big improvement. ditto for the first Audiolab MDAC. the new MDAC + uses the Sabre chip but sounds vastly superior to its predecessor. much more musical... 
do i need a new DAC
the other two DACs i am interested in are the Rega and the Audiolab MDAC+, these two still use the same architecture that they have used for the last 5 years. in the case of the Rega DAC-R they are comfortable with sticking with the trusty Wolfson... 
do i need a new DAC
the Chord dealer where i live is only a Hugo and Mojo dealer, strange.  will have get on a plane. lol 
do i need a new DAC
i am using Rega interconnects, and the Supra coax cable. i went nuts with my last system and was buying $1200 interconnects, not going down that road again. pretty happy with a modest set up now.  it can easily get out of hand if you play the weak... 
do i need a new DAC
i have noticed that Rega is still using the Wolfson chip that was used in the original Rega DAC c.2012 for the DAC-R c.2015. why change why fix something if it ain't broken. i have a Wolfson in my iPod Video and it is considered to be the best iPo... 
do i need a new DAC
i really respect the work of Dr. Watts. had one of his DAC’s back in the day when he was designing for DPA, the PCM 1-2.  have booked an audition to hear the Qutest, on my short list for sure. i am also suspect that Rega will shortly upgrade the D... 
price of Oppo players threw the roof
i have a 103 with a outboard DAC, best of both worlds