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Add an external DAC. Make my Oppo UDP-205 a true top player
i bought a NAD D1050 DAC that i use in conjunction with my Oppo 103. much better than the DAC in the 103. the pair sound phenomenal, but i would be interested in what others in the Oppo community have experienced. i originally considered the 105 b... 
Looking for best streamer without DAC under $3500
the Oppo players have ability to stream Tidal and you can use an outboard DAC if needed. sound very good. i still prefer flac files stored on a hard drive to streaming. i don’t see the point in spending thousands just to hear the White Album again... 
does MacBook Pro need a DAC?
ask Neil Young 
Guest suddenly takes it upon herself to move my speakers
i keep some venomous reptiles next to mine.  never have a problem 
CD Player vs. music streaming
i heard a Bluesound 2i and it sounded very good.  not sure if your just streaming a more expensive server/DAC would make a difference. 
Am I deaf?
i have a NAD D1050 have not heard the Chord, but on my Rega system it's very very good. i think the DAC game is over, it's gotten as good as your going to get after 30 years of development.  all the major improvements have been made in SQ.  listen... 
Tidal subscription discounts
no discounts for seniors on Tidal. shame on you.  i will cancel. 
Streaming + DAC questions. Please help this noob!
i was considering a Bluesound but after streaming Tidal through my MacBook to the Oppo and out to a external DAC the sound was not as good as the same res. flac. played to the same DAC from a hard drive. note that i connected the MacBook to the Op... 
Which Has Best Sound Quality -- CD vs. Tidal vs. FLAC Uploaded From Burned CD
i compared Tidal HF last night with the title track from Joni Mitchell’s Blue album. Flac file vs. Tidal steam, not even close. the Flac file had way more body and depth and harmonic richness. i streamed the Tidal from my MacBook to my Oppo 103 vi... 
Audiophile quality streamer/server-in-one without a DAC. Does this exist?
what would the difference be between buying a Bluesound Node 2i and adding an external WD 2tb vs. buying the Bluesound Vault? 
Need a new BD player, region free
helloi have a Oppo BDP-103i use this to connect to a 6tb external hard drive with movies and 24/192 flac. music files that the Oppo plays.  the audio is sent via the coax output to a high quality separate DAC.  recently i tried hooking the Oppo pl... 
Pls Recommend Streamer Under $500 for Tidal “HiFi”
heard the Bluesound 2i last week streaming lossless to some PSB T2's   sounded very good using it's internal DAC.  however i read an article where the Bluesound was put on the test bench and did not measure so well.  go figure. 
Schitt Yggdrasil Vs. Bluenode 2i (Shock!)
i auditioned the Node 2i today at a NAD dealer using the internal DAC in the 2i connected to NAD electronics. streaming from the Tidal app. i found the sound very warm but not engaging. compare to my home system with Rega electronics the Node 2i j... 
How much do you need to spend to get digital to rival analog?
i have a 6 year old NAD D1050 and have not heard anything better lately under 2K.  you can pick them up for about $400.  
Interconnect Directionality
i thought this was crazy s**t until i noticed that my cables had little arrows, so i promptly changed the direction. big difference in sound. as pointed out it’s the way the copper is drawn out and so has a perceptible impact on the flow of electr...