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Bryston BDP-π
i hear that this is basically a RP4 all dressed up and that i should get a Allo usb bridge signature instead.  problem is Allo never got back to me.  poor customer service,, plus it way to complicated to set up. 
Auralic vs Aurender
I am also considering both. Using an Oppo currently just as a streamer. It’s good but the OPPO app keeps losing connection. I need a streamer that’s more stable that ha s better Tidal interface. The Auralic Aries Mini or a  Aurender 100SC 
Where are the cheap home streamers?
i'm using an Oppo 103 into an external DAC for streaming Tidal.  sounds good but i wonder is a Bluesound 2i or Aries Mini would sound better w/ex-DAC? 
Recommendations for Blu-ray Player
i am streaming from a Oppo 103 into an external DAC Tidal hi-res. sounds very very good.  however not sure if a dedicated streamer like an Auralic or Bluesound ect.  would sound better going into a DAC? 
Music streamer with no DAC and no storage?
i have read that the Project UI is a nightmare?  i am in the same boat.  i finally started using my  Oppo 103 as a streamer but their medial controller interface with Tidal kept crashing.  i am now looking for a streamer w/o a DAC.  digital noise ... 
R.I.P: Rest In Peace Roy Johnson, Green Mountain Audio's Genius
just found out, loved the guy, he would spend time dumbing down speaker design to a level i could understand.  flew out to Colorado Springs and got to hang out with him one afternoon.  loved my Diamanté's.  i remember that he smoked too much, but ... 
DAC upgrade, new or used, $1000
i had my NAD D1050 in for repair at the NAD shop and once fixed i compared it to the DAC in the Bluesound 2i.  no contest, in 5 seconds the 1050 was much better.  wish NAD would update their DAC line up. 
DENAFRIPS DAC ---- Owner Impressions, Feedback, General Discussion, Questions and more....
i am interested in the Pontus, but noticed that a power cord is not included?  how can this be?  anyway what after market cords are recommended.  Rega makes a good one.  i also have a Rega Brio amplifier and Rega RS1 speakers.  wonder if this DAC ... 
How to connect Tidal to DAC wireless via iPad
i am looking for a affordable tablet that can stream via bluetooth aptX HD and other high res codecs to a Zen Blue Dac from Tidal via WiFi?  my iPhone and MacBook pro will only due ACC via bluetooth.thanks 
Audirvana Plus vs Roon - High Sound Quality at Lower Cost?
i would like to use Audvarinda to stream Tidal HD from my MacBook pro via bluetooth. as you know Apple will only stream in inferior ACC.  will this fix this and enable my inherent inferior MacBooks bluetooth to rival something like LDAC quality.  ... 
Need updated opinions on R2R vs Multibit delta sigma DACs
i am looking for a good DAC to replace my aging 7 year old  NAD D1050 for under a grand. 
Streamer Advice: Bluesound Node 2 vs Aries Mini vs Oppo
i does the DAC in the Bluesound compare to the NAD D1050 and the Rega DAC R? 
Add an external DAC. Make my Oppo UDP-205 a true top player
i have a Oppo 105 and would like to add a external DAC that would rival the SQ of a 205 without the huge price upgrade of a used 205. this is 2020 4 years after the introduction of the 205. for a grand their must be something? any 205 owners find ... 
Universal disc player recommendation
i just spoke with Oppo this morning, i suggested that they produce a new streamer/dac.  their not interested.  it would be a killer.  sad. i currently have a 103 and use an external DAC.  would like to find a external DAC that would bring it up to... 
Rega, Totem, or KEF bookshelf speakers?
wold anyone like to elaborate on the Rega RX1 vs. the RS1?  i heard the RX1 and found the RS1 to be much more alive and bought them.  what was i missing?  i felt that Rega had taken a step backwards.  currently use the Rega Brio R and would like t...