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Any Audio Enthusiasts in Alabama?
Hello Catfishbob-check out the Atlanta, GA link for info related to audio shows/shops. 
2 10" subs equals 1 12" or 15" sub?
Agreed-(2) 10" subs are equal to (1) 15"(4) 8" subs are equal to (1) 15"I prefer 2 smaller subs vs. 1 larger sub. 
Polk XM & DAC & XM 73...and others..
I enjoy The Loft & Trad Jazz. 
zakk wylde the Randy Rhodes of today?
Somewhat agree-Randy was classically trained. Do not know about Zakk's training? I do enjoy both players. 
Jeff Healey Rest In Peace
Big fan of Jeff. 
Herbie Hancock on the Grammys
Great performance! 
What time do you wear?
Swiss Army- silver w/ a white face. 
the best music dvd video??
Second-The Last Waltz 
Your favorite classical/flamengo guitar CDs
John Williams. 
Who is your favorite jazz pianist
T Monk. 
Who is your favorite blues guitarist
Anyone got a "Best of" jazz CDs for 2007?
Thanks for the suggestions! 
Ceraballs vs Rollerblock Jr's
Me as well, I was thinking about buying the Ceraballs... 
CES Day 1 Photo Gallery
Outstanding- computeraudiophile!!! 
Feds to audiophiles: You're all pirates now
Agreed-mp3 and audiophile do not belong in the same sentence.