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Small room electrostat/ planar speaker?
If you want a pure single diaphragm electrostat, consider Sound Labs with Sallies (or the equivalent) behind them.  Many drive them with low wattage Atmasphere amps and are very happy. PrimaLunas are well-made valve amps. You can always get a larg... 
One of the best HDMI cable?
goby,Good news? How long a run are the HDMI cables you are using? I don't think the Redmere or the new Monoprice fibre optic HDMI cables come into their own until 25" or more. In fact I think the fibre optics start at 100' plus!  I don't work for MP! 
My Audio Research experience
Frankly I don't buy a piece of used valve gear even if it is "only used for 5 days" unless I can get it at a DEEP discount. As a rule most new electronics fail within 30 days (True for computers, etc.) I don't know if ARC threw all their parts awa... 
Best Tubed Preamp For A Warm, Rich Sound, Yet Still Detailed and Agile
Misspelled name - hope the link works. dyslexia. 
Best Tubed Preamp For A Warm, Rich Sound, Yet Still Detailed and Agile
I'd look at the Baekert Labs preamps in all price ranges they are giant killers. Bob Baekert has a patent on a new power supply, worked at CJ for years, and the many reviews of the Rhumba and Rhythm have been very positive. Plus, I understand they... 
One of the best HDMI cable?
Sorry 18Gb/s not 18 MHz. 
One of the best HDMI cable?
I like the inexpensive powered HDMI cables from Monoprice - Redmere? May have the name wrong.I paid $xxxx for an HDMI cable with magic wire from a dealer for my universal player to my flatscreen The thing wouldn't even pass a signal. I used the st... 
Fake Goertz Cable ???
I don't understand why a Zobel network is required on any cable that is properly constructed with a properly built amp. Sounds like a mismatch to me.I'd move on. 
Tri-Planar Vll "SE Upgrade"
Nandric, "I even use the anti-skate test in order to get some impression aboutthe ''inside force'' . One can't get those 80 or 90 microns valueswithout increaising of the anti-skate force . The right channel start with distortion first and need c... 
Get my turntable fixed or buy a new one?
I like the idea of using the 320 for mono records and getting a suspended, perhaps vacuum SOTA with at least the Rega 330 arm (dynamic balance) with a neutral to warm MC cartridge. I don't know the PARA phono preamp so I don't know if you need a h... 
Tips on dealing with audio dealers
hifiman2015-You've made some great points but they need a bit of honing and expansion."A home builder type boutique type of shop doesn't make much profit but a small to medium sized business even with low volumes but sells world wide can have a h... 
Aesthetix vs ARC
lumniscape, which speakers and cables are you using, if you please? 
Sanders 10B Electrostatic
Albert,Try the Carver Crimson/Raven 350 Wpc Mono Blocks, save money. 10 year warranty on tubes and the amps. Get off the ARC upgrade go-round. While he's at it get the new crossover.for $1200 - PM me if you are interested. 
Long XLR Interconnect Cables
Long (balanced) cables from source to amp with short speaker wires is the way to go, especailly if you can put sources in another room. Less vibration. 
Looking at a new non-SACD player, but still own lots of SACDs
Wait until the OPPO UDP205 comes out. The problem with used CD/SACD player is the transport subsystem has a limited life. Do you want that? Therefore consider buying a new one.With my 105, the OPPO will play SACDs in native mode. You can convert t...