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The best sounding FM Tuner is.....
So far I enjoy my 23 year old Accuphase T-100 best of all. When it came out it was slated as an MR78 killer....I am lucky enough to have several stations that broadcast live classical and "unplugged" music. This tuner recreates the spatiality well... 
tube amps and electrostatics
ESL 63 and US monitors have an intentionally benign impedance curve that is nominally 8 ohms an is rather flat compared to other electrostats. The lower the output impedance of the amp, the better. 
"Balanced Output" Phono Pre-amp??
I own a PASS ONO and I like it very much. 
Best amplifier for original QUAD ESLs?
Just inserted a Pass 5 and as of now that is the best amp I have tried, it puts out a safe 30 volts peak. 
Please help cartridge problem
Since you have internet access go to: www.vandenhul.com 
my next upgrade
Save the money until you get a better cartridge. The source is the key. 
Hooking up Janis subwoofer
ph 718 892 7419 
Hooking up Janis subwoofer
I would be very interested in finding out if JANIS will install a balanced input connection. Right now I am running a splitter into mine to get better s/n, and I would rather run a balanced line. Could you please post what you find out? 
ML no39, Wadia 850, Classe 1.0, or Sony?
I think that the Wadia has the characteristics you desire. It's the only one that seems to get synth bass right (below 30hz)if it's on the CD Try the balanced connection for best sound. 
sub to match martin logans
Try Janis if you can find them. Nice looking and musical. Uncolored xover. 
Dynaco St-70 Upgrade
Try Sheldon's site - he has some upgrades and you can decide if you have the talent to tackle it yourself. http://www.clarkson.edu/~stokessd/index_frames.html 
Which Tuner?
I really like my Accuphase T-100. It has depth on live BSO broadcasts. I wish it had presets and a remote because I am lazy.