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Better sound with ethernet cable?
Note about above 5 GHz wifi:Best downloads I could get was about 60Mb consistently versus the 350Mb wired.My service is 300Mb but it test at 350. Bandwidth is everything. Don't worry about the jitter. 
Better sound with ethernet cable?
Testbed:350 Mb modem downloads bandwidth tested with 1GB wired and 5GHz Wifi directly from the cable modem. All systems connected to Oppo UDP 205 USB DAC. I used commercial quality cabling throughout as I have found and tested pricey Audiophile br... 
What equipment have you bought this year so far ?
So far - I bought a subscription to QoBuz, a 2009 MacMini with (2) 1TB SSD, upgraded my cabling to CAT 7 or 8 (no fancy overpriced stuff - I test it all), and found a stash of pre-recorded cassettes that I can play in my 2002 car. 
Esoteric F-07, F-05, Levinson 585
You might check out the Accuphase E-480. 
What to do when the preamp you were ripped off on shows up online ?
Sold thru market places under discussion some expensive Wilson speakers that were pristine and shipped freight in their original crates. We took pictures of them before shipping. Shipping was done through a vendor who ships artwork around the worl... 
Accuphase Vs Parasound
I agree with Andrew Jones.I would recommend the Accuphase E 470 or the other less expensive class A/B integrated amps in that series for these speakers. The previous generation of Accuphase would be ok also.Sometimes it pays to wait for the best.  
Dynavector cartridges, old and new
Harold-not-the-barrel:Although I only watched the clip once, I believe the musical Wittgenstein is a relative of Ludwig Wittgenstein. BTW the admonition you quote from the end of the Tractatus, viz,  " Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darüber muss m... 
Bob Carver new tune expected
Possibly owing to manufacture, his gear is like the tale of two cities.C-4000 good esp. if upgradedM-500 good especially if upgradedLatest ALS goodHe stands behind most of his stuff. GoodJohn Atkinson doesn't like him. Excellent!. 
Best balanced linestage/preamp for $4000 or less ???
Buy a pre-owned Accuphase or Pass Labs. You want the lowest noise floor you can get.If you took apart a new Mac you would never buy one. 
SACD/CD player update
As a step up from the OPPO, the only SACD players worth considering are the Accuphase line. Esoteric is a bit thin sounding compared to the Accuphase. The Accuphase is not mellifluous, it just lets the music through. Accuphase is the reference of ... 
Audio valuations
One of the lucky transactions that I actually made money on. This is the exception to the rule. I just sold a pre-owned, discontinued mint SACD player for more than list because the buyer, who is very happy, has a large collection of HDCDs. At fir... 
Most overrated bands
Talking Heads 
Most overrated bands
Oh I saw the Velvet Underground and the Who with Keith Moon play. Definitely not over-rated.Hendrix sense of humour is rarely given recognition. Playing St. Peppers and parodying Cream after they broke up on TV. Lyrics "I hope I never hear surf mu... 
Most overrated bands
StingPaul McCartneyQueenStevie Ray VaughnMuch of Eric Clapton YesElton JohnVan Dyke ParksAll BS&T except Child is Father to the ManAll the junk they play at audio shows. 
Bluetooth or not
The same general thing goes for preamp input sorry that was the original question. I'd stick with the headphone jack. Belden cables are $30. Preamps have BT in them now? I do some streaming through an iPAD via the headphone jack of some services a...