Responses from isochronism

How much reality do you really need?
rvpiano, your response had me think up a good one. "When life give's you lemons make martinis"! 
Nice, I gave the video it's first thumb-up like. On his video list he has one titled "When you join the illuminati you can never leave". In it he give's reference to the lyrics of "Hotel California". 
Speakers for the deck- okay to discuss here?
and certainly not of our Speaker of the House (of Representatives:) 
Interesting take on analog on Joe Rogan podcast
I recall a post here from some years ago. A member had a friend over to listen to music. After a couple minutes he felt the couch shaking, opened his eyes, looked over to see his friend with head down quietly sobbing. He said he knew then "his sys... 
Biggest audio hoaxes
The old magazine advertisements of new audio equipment featuring attractive women.... the promise of getting girls over. 
Lack of Female Representation
This thread taught me two things. 1. Audiophiles (male) are the utmost authority on the female psyche. 2. I must not be an Audiophile ... 
Arrows on cables.
In some cases ... towards the store for a refund. 
Why Does All Jazz Sound The Same?
Of course it all sound's the same ... they all play the same twelve notes ... 🙄 
This forum is antiquated.
The OP has only been here for a couple of weeks and is suggesting changes to a well oiled machine. Tar and Feathers come's to mind ... HA 
If high end audio was $10 and match box sized
Frank, very good choice to transport Sarah. Perhaps Sylvia for some Pillow Talk, if it were that easy ... HA 
If high end audio was $10 and match box sized
Why choose Perfect when we already can  have Imperfect?? Just get a Magic Wand! 
Guitar Solos
Rock Guitar: I nominate Kim Thayil of Soundgarden. Song: Far Beyond The Wheel. HARD 🅰️💲💲 
EXTRA! EXTRA!! Millercarbon Proven Wrong!!! Read all about it! EXTRA! EXTRA!!
MC, careful admitting to being a White Cable SupreⓂ️ist during these times. 
The SHOW 2021 is a Go!
Chuck, I agree with you always on this. "They" have said "even after vaccinated one can still contract it and spread it. Before that, it was "people can be asymptomatic and still contagious. Now, digital "passports" on one's phone are being pushed... 
Can someone please explain
A great example how an honest and  innocent question, in this case of sound quality can turn. From soup to nuts ....