Responses from isochronism

Electrical issue
Elsneb, very good thinking, man! Moreover, you just may have saved the "Woofer" from gettin" blown!! 
Closet audiophiles
I bet the Silk Chiffon just got a little too close to the 845's! Priorities, eh? ( just reading the archives...rainy Sunday afternoon ) 
What time do you wear?
Yes Hotmailjbc, you are indeed a bit messed up, as are many of the other fine members here. Me..? I'm very fortunate as being still in denial of any human weaknesses'. You hammer here, throw there, watch over are just plain unpredictab... 
What time do you wear?
Do you wear your watch on your hammer hand? Either way, an automatic watch has a mainspring which is designed to slip back after full wind-up. That is why you can manually wind an automatic for ever, it never gets to the end of the mainspring. As ... 
What time do you wear?
I agree.......the Rolex was/is geared toward the sportsman-woman with an active lifestyle. Actually, I've had a couple of "older" costumers whose Rolex's would stop occasionally as they weren't active enough! The Rolex automatic modules are not th... 
What time do you wear?
This reminds me of a costumer of mine who wore his Breitling to the Symphony, and while applauding a pieces ending...broke the balance staff! Apparantly this model had smaller pivots in an attempt to raise amplitute. Rolex has always been known f...