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Dreaming of a DIY 8W Class A amp designed by Nelson Pass?
I love building kits. This is a great sounding little amp. I’ve built 3 of these. First I built two to run as mono. But found that a single running in stereo was really enough and sounded just as good with an efficient set of speakers. So I sold o... 
Magnepan 1.7 i - Amp suggestions
I have Maggie 1.7s and +1 Rogue Pharaoh is a good choice. I ran a Pharaoh it was a good combo. But then I upgraded to a Prima Luna Dialogue Premium. As good as the Pharaoh is, the Prima Luna is a distinct upgrade. Magical and plenty of current for... 
Best rock song of all times
+1 kinks really got me -classic+1 sweet child o mine-modern sign along jamareosmith sweet emotion-pure rockall of these will still be relevant 50 years from nowrock on🤘 
Amps with meters ...
Great... now I’m suffering from a case of meter envy!!! 🤘😉 
What loudspeakers do you have your Primaluna amp paired with?
My Prima Luna Dialogue Premium (not HP) easily drives my Magnepan 1.7’s. I include a PSB sub (actually sounds better to my ears than my Rel t7 did). I like el34b tubes. Especially rich guitar sounds. 
Which Stands for Magnepan LRS (and other models): Mye, Magnariser, Sound Anchor, etc
I should clarify that the oak platforms were 24” square & 2 1/2” high. K 
Which Stands for Magnepan LRS (and other models): Mye, Magnariser, Sound Anchor, etc
Hi.. I have 1.7s and Mye stands improved their sound. I ALSO made some 2 1/2” oak platforms to anchor the Mye stands on and lift the panels slightly. To position the speakers I move/adjust the oak platforms placement. To my ears it solidified the ... 
Your favourite music movie?
+1 Almost Famous... great rock & roll movie 
PRIMA LUNA DIALOGUE PREMIUM - 20 minutes and then loud pop and buzzing in 1 channel
+1 Check the switch on the right side for tube type. FWIW my PL Dialogue Premium has been absolutely bullet proof for three years I’ve owned it..bestk 
Hi .. Maggie’s = Magnepan Speakers. They’re a panel speaker with a reputation for needing lots of power. But my Prima Luna drives them no problem. 6550 winged C are a power tube. Similar to Kt88 power tubes. Best of luck in your search. Cheersk 
Power Amp advice
Hi.. I’ve been running my Maggie 1.7 with a Prima Luna Dialogue Premium. Drives them no problem. I know. I didn’t believe the big audio store down in MPLS when they told me the PL would. So I went with the 100wpc Rogue Cronus Magnum.  Long story s... 
Hi, I have a Prima Luna Dialogue Premium...not the HP. It has been bullet proof. Drives my Maggie 1.7s no problem. Sounds fantastic and is easy on tubes. I like using winged C 6550 and el34b in it.good luck!cheersk 
What area or country do you live in ?
Northern MN here... it was a -29 here. You read that right minus 29. And yeah..no words. But shout out to the yooper.. newf27 it’s better than being a troll ;) all the best .. you betcha hey der it’s a bit nippy eh? 
Primaluna Dialogue poremium, Rogue Cronus Magnum II or Jolida 801...who can advise me?
Last thought you may find helpful. I used the Rogue Cronus Magnum trouble free for a year.. I’ve now been using the Prima Luna absolutely trouble free for just over two years. PL was point to point wiring, Rogue a circuit board. But both heavy wel... 
Primaluna Dialogue poremium, Rogue Cronus Magnum II or Jolida 801...who can advise me?
Hi.. I can relate my climb up the amp scale. I started with a Rogue Cronus Magnum..enjoyed it. Then upgraded to the Rouge Pharaoh.. the Pharaoh was far & away superior in every way. Then I was fortunate enough to upgrade again to the Prima Lun...