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Phono Pre with volume control?
Aesthetix IO ($5000.00) 
Power Conditioner or Power Strip
I cannot answer whether a power conditioner is better than a power strip (distributor). However, I did have the opportunity to compare the ESP power strip with the Ensemble (Swiss made) power strip. Both are priced at about $ 1000.00 (retail, new)... 
PowerSnake Owners Unite!
Mikeg: Foundation Research is operated my a very smart Canadian engineer, Ed Wolkow, who designs product for Hewlett Packard. He has designed a wonderful phono stage and preamp (VR5 and VR6), not yet available in the USA. Here is a guy who quietly... 
WOOLCOT AMPS - Anybody heard these?
Thanks alot for all the info. Very useful. 
WOOLCOT AMPS - Anybody heard these?
Can someone please provide the date of the previous post of these amps. Thanks 
Jan Allaerts cartridges
Slawney: the comments in quotes are those of Simon Yorke. BTW, I'm presently looking for a decent tt. Since the S7 is a well-regarded piece, I thought that I should contact its creator directly to get more info. 
Most achingly-beautiful music
Srama - I wholeheartedly endorse all your sentiments. Which is why I initiated this thread, but never expected it to germinate in this way. It is very heartening to discover, that, although many of us obsess over our gear, the beauty of music (I b... 
Jan Allaerts cartridges
Recently spoke to Simon Yorke (the maestro turntable builder) in England. His personal cartridge favorite is the Jan Allaerts which he describes as "rich and full bodied - like a good claret". It is particularly synergistic with the Yorke S7 tt. J... 
Best and Worst customer service?
I agree wholeheartedly Rayhall - Stereophile service is appalling. I have given up on them. 
Turntables: $10 - 12K -Suggestions
1. Thanks alot Khyrys for the compliment. Also, for your useful tt suggestions. As I mentioned above, it will take me quite awhile (approx. 6 months) before I am satisfied that I have listened to all the tt, arms and cartridges before making a com... 
Turntables: $10 - 12K -Suggestions
Thanks so much for all the useful advice! My next step is to set out and audition the suggestions above. It is always most instructive to get a general "lie of the land" from knowledgeable folk as I think that this enables one to narrow down a vas... 
Has anybody heard the FIM power cords?
Where does one purchase the FIM PC's and how much ($)? 
is there an alternative to PS AUDIO
As I've mentioned in another thread, Powersnakes (Shunyata) is expected to launch a type of conditioner/power regenerator in Sep which is purported to eclipse all existing gear. Currently, it is anybody's guess whether it will be a meaningful impr... 
Krell amp Mods / Tune-ups????
I endorse Trelja's sentiments. Audiogon is generally a wonderful forum where we can share and argue our viewpoints (often, with great energy) in a non-demeaning way. KRELLNOT's comments are most objectionable as they personally insult other well-m... 
Best solid-state amp made anywhere
I truly do not feel that this can be answered validly. An amplifier's performance is, to a great extent, dependent on component synergy. All too frequently, people get to audition various pieces of equipment in a dealer's store who will frequently...