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Worth pursuing analog sound from digital?
I sense that the definition of a digital gear sounding "analog" is going to be different for everyone and for some may be life long pursuit.  For what its worth, last weekend at the Rocky Mountain Audio Festival, I experienced the Innuous USB re-c... 
Tidal vs Hi Res Files vs CD vs “Netflix”. My test. Incredible!
@plga, wondering what DAC you used for this experiment?  
Sony DVP-S9000es question
@jvcn Hi. I just got a used  DVP-9000 ES  and thinking about  Denafrips ARES as well.. Do you still have the combo and can you share you experience with it? I'm currently running the CD player into my Hegel H80 integrated's internal DAC.  Thanks ... 
What amp is best with Wilson Sasha DAW speakers
At an Audio store show tonight I heard the Wilson Alexx driven by D’Agostino Relentless $250k mono blocks.. don’t want to speak about the pairing or the sound because its not what I look for but for what its worth, the rep from Wilson, someone who... 
Jay's Audio CDT2-MK2
@ snackeyp, thanks for sharing your experience with the CDT2-MK2 .. been curious about this transport. I hope I'm adding to this thread but I'm wondering will a CD player such as the Jay's audio CDP-2 ($1k more) always be better than a transport c... 
External Linear Power Supplies
While I've never used them, I would put wyred4sound on my short list.. Here is their link to their modular power supply: 
Budget hi-fi and vintage audio gear
After you get set on your "budget" system, play around with software such as jplay, audirvana, etc. ... they all have trial version and you'll be amazed at how they can make whatever system you construct seem at a completely different league, spec... 
HEGEL H80 DAC upgrade recommendation 2018
Did you audition any other DACs before settling on the Liberty? 
HEGEL H80 DAC upgrade recommendation 2018
gcknappNice to hear about your experience. I have a few questions:a) prior to getting the Mytek, were you feeding the Hegel onboard DAC with the USB or the SPDIF output of the Bryston BDP-Pi.. and what if any differences did you notice?b) did you... 
Hegel internal Dac - USB or Coax or ditch the DAC altogether? Exploration on a budget!
Thanks for sharing... Its really helpful to know that you were able to get a discernible difference by going to an iFi iOne DAC. That at the least provides me with a reference point.In my research, I too came to the conclusion that it didn't make ... 
Hegel internal Dac - USB or Coax or ditch the DAC altogether? Exploration on a budget!
I was digging around the internet for more information about reasons for converting from USB to SPDIF/coax, and I came across this article on John Darko's site titled " When should you use a USB to S/PDIF converter? " 
Can You Recommend a Good High Res Digital Audio Player?
Though not a direct answer to your question, something to consider as you’re thinking about DAPs... in case you are in the market for an android phone...worth checking out the latter videos by John Darko if you haven’t already..