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Want to make sure I have the correct settings for my phono pre-amp
I don't have the Jolida, but I will say when it comes to adjustable preamps - trust your ears. The whole point of the settings is to dial in the cart to best suit your system and room. I would try the 300ohm resistance setting on the preamp and se... 
Peachtree Nova 150
The Peachtree should be a great fit. I have a PS Audio Sprout100, which is about that price brand new. Small but mighty. Also good with 4 ohm speakers. I can also vouch for Audiolab 6000a, which would give you 75w at 4 ohms.¬†Or if you want somethi... 
Stylus pressure setting
Yes, 1g is good.  
Help with Cartridge choice
I'm not sure what the effective mass is for that tonearm, so I'm not sure if these are a good match, but two MC carts I've been really loving lately are the AT33Sa and the VAS Ebony 103.  
Preamp Opinion
+1 for Bryston. Granted I have an 11B but the company's attention to detail on build quality is exceptional across the board. Depth of clarity is amazing. 
What Monitors would you pick for my new office (bookshelf) >>
I love the ProAc Tablette 10s. Closed cabinet. Stick em anywhere and they sound brilliant. 
Is there a good indoor FM antenna?
+1 for the Magnum Dynalab. It's brilliant. 
Punchy integrated with DAC
Have you checked out the PSAudio Sprout100? It's close to your price range. Love mine. More than enough power with 100 watts...DAC, Phono, Bluetooth, remote, amazing clarity...EXCEPT no coax BUT USB-type B and Toslink options...so you could in the... 
A plethora of turntables - help needed!
I have the Linn Basik / Akito in one of my systems and love it. That's a bargain price. The VM750SH Shibata cart I'm using really makes it sing. Haven't had any issues with it in all the years I've had it. 
MC cart recommendation max $2000 for 1200G stock
I run an AT33Sa on my 1200 MK2 (same mass tonearm as yours) and it's incredible. It's a perfect match as far as I'm concerned. 
Tell about your experience with your old Audio-Technica SL-1200s..
I have the MK2, all stock, with an AT33Sa MC cart and I'm not going anywhere. Sounds brilliant to me. 
New TT or new Cart? Technics content
I'm running an AT33Sa MC on my SL1200 MK2 with stock arm into a Vincent PHO-701 phono pre and it absolutely sings. I would give a MC a go, and get another headshell, so easy to swap carts on Technics. 
Should I pull the trigger?
You'll never truly know the pros/cons until you listen with your intended amp. Wouldn't you be going from 2-way to 3-way with Triangles? That's definitely something. They'll sound different for sure...but better? 
Would Appreciate Advice Before I Buy
I agree. That would all work well together. My only concern are those speakers in an "open large rectangle". The Klipsch will be clear as a bell, but with only 15" box and 6.5" woofer, I feel you might end up feeling like you're missing some meat.... 
Best Desktop Speakers under $500
Definitely check out Q Acoustics.