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Is $2,844 too much to pay for a fuse?
com·mon sense/ˌkämən ˈsens/noungood sense and sound judgment in practical matters. log·ic/ˈläjik/See definitions in:AllTechnologyPhilosophynoun1.reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity.  
name for stereo system in single case
Back in the 70’s and 80’s, a stereo system in a single case was called a "Boom Box" Some of them were so big they made Mr. T look like Urkel. 
Favorite cable brand.
Pangea Audio Premier SE. 
Is it safe to use a higher amperage rating fuse?
Of all the snake oil  BS out there in audiophile land, these so called audiophile fuses stink the worst. And as far as the rated fuse goes, NEVER, repeat NEVER replace the blown fuse with a higher rated fuse unless you just really don't care about... 
Do you have ways to ease use of vinyl?
30 plus years after getting rid of all my LP's and TT, I decided to get back into them again. Still not sure WHY. Even though it is nowhere near meeting audiophile standards, I choose a Line Phono TT stand to hold my new TT simply because it was ... 
Sending a 110 lb amp to the manufacturer for cleaning/calibration. Good idea? How to ship?
@oldhvymec Had the best advice. At that weight you are pretty much stuck using a trucking company. I would definitely figure out how to get everything back in the original packaging. If the manufacturer trusted it, then it's the best way to go. ... 
The Absurdity of it All
I'm a 70 year old audiophile. I would hope that my accumulated knowledge gained from 50 plus years of buying and using hifi gear along with the several format changes that have occurred during that time span is a lot more trustworthy than my ears.  
Turntables.....A point of diminishing returns?
In the late 80's when CD's came out, I very happily ditched all my LP's, TT and support geegaws and replaced all my LP's with them. Now, 30 some years later, I decided to get another TT, and some LP's. I'm still scratching my head as to why. They ... 
Definitely lonely to be an audiophile
This whole line of reasoning is beyond my comprehension. I love and listen to the music that appeals to me. ME. I never even remotely considered it a "group" hobby, like a book club. Every single system I have built over many years was for my pers... 
I must be old
tgrisham, I've been doing this as long as you and I agree 100%. When CD's first came out in the 80's I replaced all my LP's with them and sold the LP's along with all my TT paraphernalia. Now all my CD's have been converted to ALAC and reside on m... 
Klipsch Cornwall IV
For an all tube setup, Klipsch Cornwall 4's check all the boxes for a speaker that tubes love; High efficiency, horns, and big woofers. Finding the perfect placement in your room is up to you, but with their front porting, Cornwall's greatly simpl... 
Reccomend a good preamp for me.
If your budget can handle it, I highly recommend the McIntosh C49. Besides the excellent and upgradable DA1 digital module, it has two balanced inputs, two balanced outputs, and 3 pairs of RCA in’s and out’s. Two of the RCA out’s are variable and ... 
Two defective pieces in a row - unreasonable to demand refund?
The aroma of aquatic life is strong with this one. 
Two defective pieces in a row - unreasonable to demand refund?
Still waiting for the name of the "reputable dealer". Do you really expect us to believe that McIntosh would authorize a dealer that had a "no return" policy?  
Two defective pieces in a row - unreasonable to demand refund?
You ever wonder why you don't see McIntosh sold all over the internet? It's because they have a reputation to maintain. They won't let just any Mom And Pop outfit sell their product. They only use vendors who will back their guarantee 100%. McInto...