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Most enduring audio purchase
I'll second Aerial 10T's, closely followed by my Parasound JC1's. 
old high end preamps..
The 98 is a great preamp, and I imagine it's still the same design as it was.  I owned it for several years and would easily recommend it.  It's one of the old point to point hand wired designs and really is a fantastic preamp. 
old high end preamps..
@skiroe You can look at the images on their website.  Some products say "Made in USA" while others say "Assembled in USA" on the back panel.  The old Dennis Had products, which IMO put Cary on the map - are the ones made in the USA.  These include... 
old high end preamps..
Of the three listed, I would choose the Proceed but wow it's really old at this point.  The offshore Cary stuff never impressed me and I've never been a Bryston fan either.Good luck with your decision! 
Smart Hub Recommendations
I've been using SmartThings for a couple of years now and am very happy with it. 
Classe CAM 350 monoblock vs Classe CAM-400 or Bryston 4B3
I compared the CAM-400's to the Parasound JC-1's and the Parasound was a clear winner to my ears.  I still own them after many years while nearly all of the surrounding components have changed.Today I wouldn't consider the older Classe equipment j... 
Extra power or cleaner power?
Better power always IMO. 
New Parasound Halo JC1+ monoblocks just released!!!
Very happy to see an updated JC1, however I am in no rush to replace my originals. 
BAT VK 53SE vs ARC Ref 5SE
Agree with @zkidd .  The 6H30 is a tube that sounds like a transistor to my ear.  I think it's for those who want transistor like attributes but still like saying they are a "tube person". 
Looking for a pre-amp (Pass, ARC, BAT, Sim, PS Audio)
Add Ayre to your list. 
Hidden Gems in Pre-Owned Solid State Power Amplifiers?
The Proceed HPA series are fantastic, but be careful as they are getting quite old and may need to be recapped. 
Mark Levinson integrated powerhouse with all the bling
It's very popular to bash ML, it reminds me of the Bose bashing.  You aren't a true audiophile unless you talk down both brands.  It's utter nonsense but it must make the people doing the bashing feel oh-so superior to those of us who like ML. 
$27,500 for whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???
To be fair, cranberry pearl IS a really snazzy color!! 
Please help me decide...
I think adding a sub will give you the biggest improvement at your budget.  I like the SVS SB-1000.Good luck! 
Meridian 800 DVD/CD Version 4
I have always liked Meridian players.  I would check with Meridian to see if they still support it should it be required, I would imagine they do as they keep their products going for a long time.  I heard the 800 a long time ago but remember it b...