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Center Channel Dialogue
@carlsbad2  Yes, I did adjust the center level on the Marantz pre-pro to max. I also adjusted the equalizer to add more volume. It doesn't seem like a volume level issue now, more of a comprehension issue. Cupping my hands seems to direct the sou... 
Center Channel Dialogue
Good suggestions, and I can clarify a bit... I have experimented quite a bit with levels of the front and surround speakers, and the level output of the center is much more.  I have also compared large and small settings for the center, but it d... 
Tonian Labs....Still Around?
I still can't find the website at tonianlabs.com  
Your thoughts on wireless iem's
Good sounding wired earbuds - affordable?
I have a pair of FIIO F9 which work for me.  They sounded like your description of the Klipsch's at first. My challenge was to get a good seal. The foam tips didn't provide a good seal, but with triple flanges, the bass appeared and everything di... 
Focal Clear Headphone Cable Problem
For the best quality and price, I've been very satisfied with Sky Audio Cables.    
Headphone amp?
I use a Woo WA22 tube amp with my HD800s, and I think it sounds great. The signal is run balanced with XLR connections from a Sony XA5400 SACD player.  With the ability to roll different type of tubes you can tailor the sound.  
Need suggestions for another pair of headphones (Have Sennheiser HD600)
I have the 6XX (HD650) and like them, but much prefer my KLH Ultimate One headphones. They are Beryllium coated and have much better treble and bass and are more comfortable with less clamp.  The only thing the 6XX does better is vocals in the mi... 
Sony XA5400Es CD Player DAC Upgrade?
One thing I should mention is that I use balanced XLR to the Woo amp.I would  also like to have a headphone output to contrast SS vs Tube. 
Sony XA5400Es CD Player DAC Upgrade?
I haven't looked into Mytek yet. have several SACDs but listen mostly to Redbook. BTW, if I add a DAC the price range would be south of $1,000.(used or new) 
Help! Source Output Too High for Headphones
Just thought I'd follow up. I received XLR attenuators for my balanced output, and Schiit SYS for the unbalanced output. Both work great and kept me from buying a preamp.Thanks for the suggestions! 
Good headphone amplifier
I use an Ifi Ican Pro with my LCD2s. I like it because I can use the solid state mode for better high frequencies, and tube mode for more liquid mids. You can boost the bass and it has a 3D mode (crossfeed?) which I don't use. It is also balanced ... 
Audeze vs. HIFIMan vs. ??
Of my open backs I have Beyerdynamic T1, Audeze LCD2, and Hifiman HEX, but my favorite is Sennheiser HD800. I put some Deconi Hybrid earpads on them which improved the sound and increased comfort. They have the best soundstage and do not sound ana... 
are B&O hedphones good?
You may find additional information on Head-Fi. 
Shinjitsu Audio
I had a pair of ESS Monitor speakers in the 70s. I really loved the sound of the Heil mid/tweeter. I was curious if the newer iteration sounded as good as the original.